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Christopher M. Posey, DO

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I have been in Emergency Medicine all my professional life. First I was a Corpsman in the Navy at age 17, then as a Physician Assistant in the ER, and finally as an ER physician. I feel this is my calling and not just a job.

I have asthma, and as a child spent a lot of time in the hospital as a patient. My doctor at the time made house calls and spent much time with me, both at home and in the hospital. His kindness was the basis of my desire to go into medicine. My desire to be an Emergency Medicine physician was sparked when I was 7-years-old and needed stitches. I was lying on the ER stretcher, and I looked up and behind me just in time to see the doctor drawing up the Lidocaine. Shocked, I asked what that needle was for, and without missing a beat, the doctor told me: "Oh this is for the nurse, she is squeamish at the sight of blood." I relaxed and believed him. He covered my eyes and sutured me without problems, all the while I wondered why the nurse was in this profession! It was not until many years later that I realized what that young physician did to calm me.


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When not at the hospital or at the Scott County Jail, as its physician, I am at home with my wife of 33 years. We have eight grandchildren who we spend time with as well as six dogs!

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Ohio University (Athens, OH), Osteopathic Medicine


Mount Sinai East (Richmond Heights., OH), Emergency Medicine

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American Osteopathic Board of Emergency Medicine