Your Medical Home

Establishing a relationship with a primary care provider is important for your health. Your provider gets to know you, your health history, and how best to care for you when you have a health issue.

To enhance this relationship, your primary care provider is part of a “medical home” care team. Working as a care team helps our clinic increase access for patients and better coordinate their care, particularly when they have an ongoing condition or chronic illness. In fact, evidence shows care teams can lead to better health outcomes.

Your personal physician will still lead and remain involved in your medical care. However, you may have appointments with a nurse practitioner too. Be assured, the nurse practitioner will keep your physician informed about your visit, and the team will work together to provide you the very best care.

Your Care Team

Like a sports team, your medical home team includes “players” with different roles to provide the very best health care. These include:

  • Your Primary Care Provider
  • Clinical Assistant
  • Nurse
  • Front Desk Assistant

Take control of your health

As part of providing patient-centered care, we expect you to:

  • Inform us about changes in medications, diet, contact information, or general health status
  • Attend appointments when scheduled
  • Respect those who are caring for you
  • Ask questions if you don’t understand something
  • Take advantage of the resources provided to you

Life gets busy.

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