Your Medical Home

Your Genesis Health Group practitioner is now part of a Patient-Centered Medical Home. This innovative way to deliver health care makes it easier for you, the patient, to be more involved in your care.

We’ve always been there to treat you, so what’s different? Now, your clinic is positioned to do it better. A medical home is a model of care where health professionals work as a team to provide more effective care that always puts you at the center.

The medical home care team, led by your own personal physician or practitioner, will work to keep you well, prevent illness, and better coordinate your care if you have an ongoing condition or illness. The result? You will receive more personalized health care that meets your needs and helps you stay as healthy as possible.

Our Promise

Your medical home care team will keep you informed and involved in your health care decisions. All we ask is that you be an active participant with your health care team and follow a schedule of recommendations specific to your health.

Your medical home will:

  • Get to know you, your family, and medical preferences.
  • Listen to your questions and concerns and explain options for treatments, results and disease management in an easy-to-understand way.
  • Involve you in your health care decisions.
  • Coordinate your overall care and help link you to specialists or disease management programs.
  • Offer convenient office hours for appointments at a time that works for you.
  • Provide safe, quality care.
  • Treat you with dignity, respect and compassion.
  • Help you set goals and ensure you receive the preventive screenings and necessary care to stay healthy.
  • Recommend health interventions and keep you on schedule.

What can YOU do to help?

  • Actively participate in your care, and stay involved in the medical decision-making. Learn what you need to do to achieve your health care goals.
  • Ask questions. Communicate with your medical home care team, and explain what is important to you. Tell us when you don’t understand something. We want to help.
  • Provide your health history and other important information, including any changes in your health.
  • Keep us informed of any medications, vitamins, supplements or remedies you take or have taken.
  • Call our office first with your health concerns, unless it’s an emergency. Your medical home should be your first stop before you see a specialist. We can coordinate the best care possible and help you every step of the way.
  • Keep on schedule. Receive regular care if you have a chronic condition, such as heart disease or diabetes. Ask your medical home team what preventive screenings you should receive.

Who is your medical home care team?

Like a sports team, your medical home team includes “players” with different roles to provide the very best health care.

Your Team Includes

Your Primary Care Provider (PCP), leads the medical home team. The PCP examines, diagnoses, performs procedures, prescribes medications, refers to specialists, and makes medical decisions with your involvement.

Front Desk Assistant, answers the phones, schedules appointments and updates your personal information.

Nurse/Medical Assistant, provides care and can be a helpful connection between you and your doctor or practitioner. This person updates your health history, makes a preliminary assessment, performs immunizations and in-office testing, and assists with procedures.

Your medical home also includes a health coach and health navigator -- two new team members who can help you reach your treatment goals:

Health Coach, a specially trained nurse who helps you achieve your health goals. The Health Coach works with your PCP and offers patient education; provides links to community resources and specialty care; contacts you after hospitalization and emergency room visits; and, helps you understand your diagnosis and options.

Health Navigator, ensures your medical chart is up-to-date for your planned visit so your PCP has all the information needed to provide you with quality care. The Navigator calls when you are overdue for needed services to help maintain good health.