Information for your Pregnancy

Having a baby is a wonderful, personal experience. Whether you’re starting your family or expanding it, you deserve the best. Choose Genesis Health Group, OB/GYN for your prenatal care.

Prenatal Visits

Once you find out you are pregnant, you will need to call our office to schedule your first prenatal visit. All prenatal care is based on the date your baby is due, called your due date. This date is based on the first day of your last period. If you are uncertain of this date or have irregular menstrual periods, a dating ultrasound may be ordered.

A typical schedule for routine prenatal visits includes:

  • One visit per month until 28 weeks
  • Two visits per month for 28-36 weeks
  • Weekly visits from 36 weeks to delivery

Your visits will include a series of screening and diagnostic tests. Genetic counseling services are available and will be recommended if needed. We will also work with you to develop a birth plan, which will communicate your preferences for your birth experience.

Childbirth Education Classes

Genesis offers a wide variety of pregnancy and childbirth classes. By participating in these classes, you can increase your confidence and get answers to various questions that may not have been addressed during office visits.

Time for Delivery

Genesis Health Group, OB/GYN delivers at the Genesis BirthCenters in Davenport and Silvis. Genesis BirthCenters offer a continuum of services for expectant parents, before, during and after delivery.

Find a Pediatrician

Genesis Health Group, Pediatrics provides care for newborns through adolescence. From well-baby checkups and immunizations to treatment of childhood illnesses and physical changes, the physicians and staff are committed to providing quality, accessible health care to the Quad Cities and the surrounding area.

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