About the Heart Institute

Since 2001, Genesis Heart Institute has brought together some of the best doctors, medical technology and cardiovascular treatments in eastern Iowa and western Illinois. We offer innovative services available at only a few locations in Iowa and participate in clinical trials of groundbreaking therapies, so you get access to the latest and best treatment options. Located on the campus of Genesis Medical Center East in Davenport, the Heart Institute is open around the clock to serve you when you need us most.

Embracing Our Mission & Vision

Discover the Heart Institute’s purpose and goals, which highlight our dedication to serving our community.

Our Mission

The Genesis Heart Institute exists to facilitate compassionate, quality services that meet the cardiovascular needs of the Iowa and Illinois region.

Our Vision

The Genesis Heart Institute strives to improve cardiovascular health in the communities served and strengthen its position as the regional provider of choice.

Heart Institute Members

Members of the Heart Institute include skilled physicians and top-quality health care facilities that aim to keep your cardiovascular system in the best shape possible. Visit us for treatment from exceptional cardiologists, surgeons and anesthesiologists.

You’ll find help making a seamless transition to the Heart Institute if you need additional cardiovascular care after visiting one of these hospitals:

Hear From Satisfied Patients

The Heart Institute has saved many lives and cared for tens of thousands of people—including some of your neighbors, coworkers, friends and loved ones. Read heart patient stories to discover how people we serve overcame cardiovascular problems with our help.

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