Percutaneous Coronary Interventional Procedures

As a regional referral center, Genesis does treat both simple and complex ischemic disease. Genesis patients that are undergoing PCI procedures more often have had a prior heart attack, prior bypass surgery, and are more likely to present with depressed left ventricular function than patients at other comparable hospitals.

Genesis - Davenport Angioplasty
Baseline Patient Characteristics
Genesis, Davenport (%)  Other *(%) 
 Age (>75 years) 27.5%  22.1% 
 Prior Heart Attack 40.4%  28.1% 
 Heart Failure 15.3%  11.5% 
 Diabetes 38.0%  35.5% 
 Renal Insufficiency 5.2%  5.7% 
 Prior bypass surgery 24.9%  20.4% 
 Severe left ventricular dysfunction  5.2%  3.1%

Data based on one-year rolling average

*Comparable to ACC/NCDR Hospitals 5,000+ procedures/year

Genesis Health System -PCI Adjunctive Care

It is important to optimize outcomes for PCI procedures. Receiving appropriate and timely adjunctive care before and after PCI procedures has been recognized as an important performance measure by the American College of Cardiology (ACC). Genesis physicians administer these medications more frequently than comparable ACC/NCDR hospitals.

 Genesis - Davenport Adjunctive Care Genesis - Davenport  Other * (%) 
 Aspirin before procedure 99%  92.3% 
 Beta Blockers before procedure 82%  71.5% 
 Statins before procedure 73.2%  59.2% 
 Door to Balloon Time ** 84 minutes  105 minutes 
 Aspirin at discharge 99% 97.2% 
 ACE/ARB for EF<40% at discharge 83.1%  78.6% 
 Beta Blockers at discharge 84.3%  83.2% 
 Statins at discharge 82.8%  85.9% 

Data based on one-year rolling average

*Comparable to ACC/NCDR Hospitals 5,000+ procedure/year

** Time from arrival in the Emergency Department to balloon inflation for PCI procedure for patients with ST-elevation acute myocardial infarction.
(Guideline is < 90 minutes)


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