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Heart Support & Wellness

Genesis Heart Failure Program

This program supplements physicians care by providing clinical care, instruction and long-term follow-up. Patients are instructed on diet, including sodium restriction, physical activity, medication use, smoking cessation and signs and symptoms of heart failure.

Genesis Visiting Nurse Association staff performs advanced cardiac assessments and provides therapy to homebound patients, reducing their need for hospital readmission.

Genesis Heart Failure Outpatient Center

The Heart Failure Outpatient Center's mission is to improve the quality of life and to decrease hospital readmissions due to complications related to heart failure. Two types of visits are available to tailor treatment according to the needs of the person with heart failure.

  • Lasix Injection Visit: Nurse assessment, review of medications, clinical conditions, education, and lab work. The patient is monitored for treatment effectiveness during their 1 to 1.5 hour visit one to two times weekly.
  • IV Infusion Therapy: Nurse assessment, review of medications and clinical condition education, lab work, administration, and monitoring of infusion medication. The patient typically infuses four to six hours one to three times weekly.

GMC, Davenport Cardiac Rehabilitation Phase III/IV Program

This program helps heart patients with cardiac conditions and those at risk for heart problems maintain health and fitness. Professional staff with specialized training in cardiac rehabilitation and exercise physiology monitor exercise sessions. Cardiovascular, strength, balance and flexibility training are available at each session. Group educational classes are provided monthly. Family members and friends are welcome to join with a physician referral.

Cardiac Rehabilitation Phase III/IV is located at the Genesis Heart Institute, 1236 E. Rusholme St., Davenport IA 52803. For more information call Cardiac Rehabilitation at 563-421-6991.

Stop Smoking

  • Let us help you stop smoking as quickly as possible and teach you the effective techniques for ending your physical and psychological addiction to tobacco.
  • Sign up for four one-hour sessions by calling GMC, Davenport at 563-421-1769.
  • Call GMC, Davenport at 563-421-3867.

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