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Genesis Heart Failure Center

The Heart Failure Center’s mission is to improve the quality of life for heart failure patients.

The Heart Failure Center helps patients understand heart failure, manage their heart failure symptoms, recognize changes in their condition, apply self-care skills at home, and understand their medications.

Follow-up Care

The Heart Failure Center will follow-up with patients within 72 hours from being discharged from the hospital. A nurse will review your:

  • weight
  • heart failure symptoms
  • diet
  • medications
  • other follow-up appointments

Patients will continue to receive weekly and bi-weekly calls for 12 weeks.

A patient’s doctor may want to schedule a post-hospital heart failure center visit. During this visit, a nurse will do an assessment, check vitals, evaluate the need for IV diuretics, provide further heart failure education, and ask about daily weights, heart failure symptoms, diet, and medications. All of this allows the nurses to provide patients consistent, quality heart failure care.

To find out if you can benefit from the Heart Failure Center, please call 563-421-7385 Monday-Friday from 8:00am-4:00pm.

Patient Stories

Genesis Heart Failure Center is like a huge “safety net.” All of our fears/questions about monitored/diet suggested/med’s checked/weight/blood pressure/pulse and lungs were answered, and then changes were made as needed!

Kayla and Andy have helped us so much with caring expertise and advice and giving us the confidence each week that everything possible is being done to keep the love of my life of 54 years in the best possible condition with heart failure.

We both consider Genesis family, never would we go any place else! This journey would be very difficult without all of your help. Thank you for being there for us both. 

-Sally Ellis


For me, the Heart Failure Center is wonderful! They care, they understand and they explain. I look forward to going there. I feel safe that I have had everything checked, allowing more of my worry to disappear!

Kayla and Andy are doing a great job monitoring me. 

-Jim Ellis


The Heart Failure outpatient clinic has been a life-saver for me since September 9, 2010. Dr. Kent VanWhy installed a pacemaker December 30, 2003 because of Atrial Defibrillation of my heart. Dr. Vijay Rajendran was also seeing me on a regular basis.

December 2, 2009, a new Pacemaker/Defibrillator was given to me to help improve my heart problems. Close attention was also given me: medications, blood tests, Echo Cardiogram, etc.

September 9, 2012, the cardiologists referred me to the Heart Failure Outpatient Clinic. I have a standing appointment for the 1st Thursday of each month. The nurses are very knowledgeable to observe any changes during the month. I can bring all of my questions and concerns to them. Each month, I have regular blood tests including the INR and any other blood tests requested by other doctors that I see. One draw of blood will be tested for a variety of problems, and the results are sent to those doctors. If excessive fluid has gathered in my body, I stay to have an infusion of Lasix. The nurses have direct contact to the doctors or to their nurse practitioners. I can call the Clinic anytime with questions between my regular appointments. These appointments make me accountable to watch my weight through diet and exercise.

My quality of life that I enjoy can be attributed to the great care that I have received at the Genesis Heart Failure Clinic. At the age of 90, I am in my home, can still drive my car, can serve as my church librarian and enjoy my family and great-grandchildren.

A huge thank you to you all. 

-Mary Lu Johnson

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