DeWitt Heritage 50 Members

The Heritage 50 is comprised of 50 community members committed to assisting the DeWitt Community Hospital and the DeWitt Community Hospital Foundation (DCHF). They care not only about maintaining excellence in health care, but in meeting tomorrow's challenges as well. The Heritage 50 is filling a critical need right here in our community.

Your estate gift to DCHF serves as your admission to the Heritage 50. Bequests, charitable trusts, gifts of life insurance, and gift annuities are options available for membership. The amount of the gift is entirely up to you.

Heritage 50 members share a common dream – that their children and their children's children will have access to the same superior health care they did. That dream moves closer to reality with every new member.

Heritage 50 Members

  • John Anderson
  • Marjorie Benning
  • R.A. & Lucile Brown
  • Ethel Clark
  • Donald & Dora Donahue
  • Edna Geffers
  • Mary Green
  • Lyle Haring
  • Lloyd & Mildred Harmsen
  • Charles & JoAnn Harrington
  • Donald Helble
  • Pat Henricksen
  • Clara Hilbert
  • Lucinda Hilbert
  • Roger J. & Pamela Hill
  • Olga Kohnert
  • Nellie LeMon
  • George W. & Joyce Marme
  • Leonard Neff
  • Jim & Jan Nelson
  • Barbara Olson
  • Lois Paarmann
  • Henry Pelham
  • Kenneth & Carolyn Ruggeberg
  • Bernice Schlotfeldt
  • Bill & Norma Speer
  • Alan & Myrna Tubbs
  • Edna Wiener
  • Mark & Marsha Witte

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