Published on October 11, 2016

Legacy Society Members


Drs. Rajesh and Himabindu Alla
Dr. V. R. Alla
Eleanor M. Allen*
Darin and Beth Ann Anderson
John  H. Anderson
Shirlee F. Anderson*
Dr. Andrew and Sharon Andresen
Jackie and Dennis Anhalt
Robert T.* and Geneva E.* Armil
Hugo* and Mary Jane* Arp Family Trust


Genevieve S. Babecki
Mary Jo Balagna
Walter J.  Balzer, M.D.*
Janice M. Bargmann
Michael A. and Judy Bauer
Mark D. and Rita C. Bawden
Sr. Margaret M. Bennett
Peter J. and Kim M. Benson
Harold C.* and Madeline Beran
Julie Bitner
John Bivens* and Doris Bivens*
Gladys K. Bondi*
Dr. Richard L. and Carole Bondi
William* and Gloria K.* Botta

Bill and Marcia Brandt
Dr. Alex J. and Kathleen H. Brandtner
Leo A. and Meg Bressanelli
Constance K. Bright
Donald and Carlen R. Brinser
Mrs. Gladys Britt*
Ms. Janice A. Brock
Charles E. Bruhn
John M. and Laurie A. Peschang-Budish
Dr. James and Margaret Bull
Dawn A. Burke
James F. and Carolyn Burke
Barbara and Gregory Burkel
Meg Burrows LeGrand*
Gregory J. Bush
Joseph D. and Mary Katherine "Katie"  Bush


Kathleen A.* and John C. Carmody
Edmund H. and Molly P. Carroll
Kevin and Diane Cassatt
Joel R. and Christine Chapman
Melissa and Mike Chapman
Katharine and Paul Christofferson
Michael S.* and Margaret M.* Churuvia
Dr. Frank R. and Heidi U. Claudy
Kent and Lynn Colberg
Howard and Nancy J. Cornfield
Juanita Cory*
Kenneth R. Croken and\ Kathryn McKnight
Douglas P. and Lynne Cropper
Dr. Glenn D. Cunningham*


Jack and Michele Dane

John and Nancy Danico
Dr. Joe and Kristy Danna
Thomas and Sara Dean
Michael J. Dessert
Conrad D.* and Roberta L.* Dietz
Wayne and Kris Diewald
Dan and Celeste Dolan
Glenn* and Carol Doyle


Paul and Beverly Eckert
Janet Eckhart
Bill and Denise Edwards
Denise Eilers
Dave and Lori Emerick
Dr. Brian and Christine Engebrecht
Terri and Terry Englehaupt


Mark S. and Karen Farley
Eugene "Skip" and Lurea J. Ferry
Scott and Alexa Florence
Dorothy "Jane" Folwell*
Janet Forgy
Mr. and Mrs.* Robert S. Francione
David J. and Katherine J. Franks
John and RuthAnne Free
Carl Freeman, Jr.
Robert and Rhonda L. Frieden
Steven T. and Terri Fry


Mary Gaetz-Scholtz and Roman Scholtz
Mr. and Ms. Patrick L. Gall
Dr. C. Wayne and M. Becky Gallops
Mary Waterman Gildehaus*
Thomas G. Gildehaus*
Steve and Kelly Goebel
Missy and Greg Gowey
Dorothy L. Graham*
Marilyn H. Gravert*
Dr. John "Fred" and Maxine* Green
Jo Ella Grice
Ronald and Shirley Gusta


Dr. Philip A. and Herminia* Habak
Maryanne Hamilton
James R. and Margo A. Hancock
Chris Hansen
Oliver A.* and Chrystol L.* Hansen
Pieter Hanson

Drs. Nidal and Sana Harb
Kurt J. and Linda G. Haubenstein
Estate of Barbara J. Heiny*
Dr. Donna Jeanne Helble*
Fr. Francis C. Henricksen
Robert L. and June Hibbert
Camilla and William J. Hicks

Dr. Pam and Roger Hill
Tracey Kuehl and John Hintze
Brian L. and Sara M. Hodgini
Dr. and Mrs. R. Josef* Hofmann
Dr. Mary J. Hoppa
David W. and Gretchen Staak Horan
Nancy and Doug Hultquist
Jacqueline L. Hunley
Edith Hurevitz*
Earl R. and Jeanette F. Hursman


Dr. David  R. and Margaret "Peg" Iglehart


Michael D. and Elizabeth Jansen
Evelyn F. Jeffries*
Barb and Mike Johnson
Elsa H. Johnson*
Estate of Doris Johnson*
Irma* and Paul H. Jones, Jr.
David B. and Jill Jordahl


Heidi Kahly-McMahon and James M. McMahon
Ann B. and Brian E. Kardell
Kevin J. and Susan E. Karlix
George W. and Ida Kerr
Darwin D. "Buzz" and Barbara Kershaw
George J. and Jo Ann Kertesz
Roger Kilby*
Mark C. and Katherine K. Kilmer
Dorothy King
Janet and Robert King
John and Jane King
Terrye Kishiue
Richard Kleine
Mark J. and Barbara Kleinschmidt
Dr. William  Kleinschmidt*
James W. and Marcia K. Koehler
Dr. George and Sherry Kontos
Gwen Korn
Robin Korth
Dr. Richard L. and Judith L. Kreiter
Harlan A. and Lois Kundel


David and Jane M. Lamb
Dr. William M. and Kathleen L. Langley
Dr. Erling and Barbara Larson
Gary E. and Patricia Larson
Paula Kay Leffert
James C. and Jennifer Legare
Dr. James A. and Kay L. Lehman
Dr. J. Randolph and Linda Lewis
Carol and James Lodico
M. Charlene and Charles Loding
D. Jamieson and Gail Glockhoff Long
Frederick J. Lorenzen*
Greg S.* and Anne T. Losasso


Drs. Akshay and Geeta Mahadevia
Theresa and Jim Main
Julie S. and Frank Manas
Barbara A. Marsden
Terry Masek
Barbara Mask
Alice A. Mason*
Jayme B. and Toni J. Massa
Deni McCarter
Chaplain Dean and Mrs. Debbie McFadden
James "Alex" and Elizabeth A. McGehee
John and Linda McGehee
Joan McKay*
Marianne Meyers
Carol J. Miller
Cora D.* and Wilbur* Miller
Ms. Lois A. Miller*
Richard B. Miller*
Judith A. Mondello
Margaret R. and Charles* Moody
Joel Moore
James and Janet Moose
Dr. Ed and Chris Motto
Hilda Musfeldt*


Mark T. and Anne M. Nagan
Andre P. Nelson
Thad and Jane Nevitt
Thomas O. * and  Margherita Roberti Nobis


Mark Gassen and Dr. Ann O'Donnell
Sally A. and Jim O'Donnell
Dr. Robert C. Olson*
Terry Ousley
Angela and Michael Overton


Emily J. Pacunas

Vicki and Dr. Dennis Palmer
Koralee J. Patzer
Mr. Merle F. Paustian*
Melissa and Dan Pepper
Jerry J. and Elaine Pepping
Dr. Harold* and Evelyn S.* Perlmutter
John F.* and Carol Phoenix
Kent M. and Judith A. Pilcher
Pete Pohlmann
Judith A. Porter
Judith K. and Norbert S. Pranger
Dr. Charles B. Preacher*
Edwin L. Prizler*


Jolene H. Quandt*
Rev. James T.* and Salomea "Sally" * Quinn


Betty H. Rabe*
Richard* and Mary*  Raiche
Carole A. and Jerome E. "Jerry"  Reid
Ronald G. and Joan Reinders
Shirley M. Reiser*
Elizabeth and Jon Richmiller
Peter and Merriam Rink
Glen and Diane Roebuck
Aloysius J.* and Mildred* E. Roederer
Dr. Edward J. and Barbara "Bobbi" Rogalski
Ted and Lisa Rogalski
Mark and Susan E. Rogers
Dr. Paul L. and Karen K. Rohlf
Dr. Charlotte Rosendorff*

Kevin and Wendy Rossmiller

Roberta L. Rudiger
John G. Ruhl*
Kathleen D. Ryan


John "Jack"* and Patricia* Samuelson
Terry J. Sawyer
Richard M. and Dayle R. Sazonoff
Jeffrey A. and Judith A. Scarpinato
Lloyd G. and Betty Adler Schermer
Gregory P. Schermer
Dr. Maurice D. Schnell*
James R. Seybold
Charles R. and Phyllis* A. Shaffer
Michael and Molly Sharp
Venita Sharp*
Emily Shenk-DeMay and John DeMay
Eileen K. Shull*
Kelly K. and Tim Sigler
Donna and Dwight Sivertsen
Debra Slater
Rebecca A. and James Smith
Penelope L. Soucie
Larry and Mary Jo Southwick
Pamela Spear
Florence L. "Flo" and Christopher P. Spyrow
Michael J.and Jacalyn Staab
Mrs. John H. Staak*
Hugh A. and Debby Stafford
William R.* and Katherine L.* Stafford
Helen G. Stevens*
Jean A. Stringham*
Thomas A. Sunderbruch, PhD and Mrs. Julie A. Sunderbruch 
Dawn M. Swope
Jerry* and Anna* Sykora


Connie L. and Brian D. Tauke
Barbara Tharp
Deann R. Thoms

Larry and Annette Tillberg
Kurt and Kristyn Tjaden
Marcia E. Traer*
Andrew J. and Jane Trasowech
Susan Connolly-Travis and  Robert C. Travis
Brad and Liz Treiber
Brett and Shannon Treiber
Phillip and Janet Trissel
Scott A. and Melisa G. Turner


Joanne S. Updegraff


Georgia Van Melkebeke*
Rick Vanderscheuren
Nellie K. VanQuathem*
Dr. Richard L. Vermeer
James W. "Jim"  Victor*
George W. and Jane Vieth
Jordan P. Voigt
Richard and Susan von Maur
Richard* and Susan von Maur
Jay and Collette Vonderhaar


Lila JoAnn Waddell*
Roseanna M. Wade*
Chris Wahlig and\ Lisa Bensmiller
Charles H.* and Geraldine M.* Wales
Amelia E. Wallen*
Daniel and Lori J. Walljasper
Catherine M.* and Robert V.P.* Waterman, Sr.
C. Dana and Faye A. Waterman
Kimberly S. and Robert V.P. Waterman, Jr.
Mary Hubbell Waterman*
Sibyl Waterman
Catherine Weideman
Victor and Carrie Weihler

Jeff and Bette Wigand
Lucille Wolters*
Sally J. and Michael L. Worden


Jon and Ruth Yarian
Michelle Y. Yates, M.D.
Kevin and Lolita Youmans


Dale and Kim Zude
Daniel R. Zude

Kimberly Zude

* denotes deceased

Reviewed by Annulka Shipp on October 29, 2018

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