Published on October 06, 2016

President's Circle of Care Members

Dr. Kelly Airey
Dr. V. R. and Nirmala Alla
Drs. Rajesh and Himabindu Alla
Dr. and Mrs. Kurt A. Andersen
John Anderson
Dr. Andrew and Sharon Andresen
Drs. Amir Arbisser and Lisa Brothers-Arbisser
Kris Arnett
Craig and Jennifer Atzen
Dr. Erinn Ayres and  Paul DiMaggio
Steve and Jane Bahls
Mary Jo Balagna
Mark and Rita Bawden
Floyd Bayer
Ron Bear
Sr. Margaret M. Bennett
Peter and Kim Benson
Bryon and Prapa Black
John Blackman
Brian Blaum
Curtis and Waynetta Blaum
Douglas and Brenda Boleyn
Paul and Ashley Bollinger
Dr. Dick and Carole Bondi
Bill and Marcial Brandt
Dr. James and Margaret Bull
Bruce and Vicki Buntemeyer
Dr. Michael Burchett and Ms. Kristin Peterson
Donald Burzlaff
Lawrence P. Bush
Greg Bush
Joe and Katie Bush
Michael and Bonnie Byrne
Kevin and Delia Cahill
Ed and Molly Carroll
Stacia and Timothy Carroll
Dr. Sandra Cassady and Ray Cassady
Kevin and Diane Cassatt
Dr. Charlie and Deb Cassel
Rosemary and John Chapman
Beth Clemitus
Lynn and Kent Colberg
Curt and Judy Coleman
Anne Collins, Elizabeth, Emily & Family
Larry and Norma Colo
Craig and Susan Cooper
Chris and Liz Cox
Ryan and Laura Crispin
Doug and Lynne Cropper
Jacqueline Crouch
Jack and Michele Dane
Dr. Joe and Kristy Danna
Jo Ann Day
Beau and Katie Dexter
Brian and Kelly Dirksen
Bob and Carla Dixon
Dan and Celeste Dolan
Jason and Kelly Douglas
Paul and Beverly Eckert
Kayla Ehrman
David and Lori Emerick
Dr. Brian and Christine Engebrecht
Dr. Siv Brit Saetre and James Entwistle, Jr.
Chad and Tina Ervin
Jeffrey and Charlette Evans
Pamela Fisher
Dr. Karen and Matthew Fitzsimmons
Scott and Alexa Florence
Richard Foster
Sandra Foster-Miller
Robert Francione
Carl Freeman, Jr.
Charles and Ellen Freese
Rob and Rhonda Frieden
Abbey Furlong and Samuel Skorepa
Dr. Wayne and Becky Gallops
Astrid Garcia
Dr. Rick and Patty Garrels
Steve and Kelly Goebel
Dr. Jeff and Robyn Goree
Missy and Greg Gowey
Krieder Gunderson
Ronald and Shirley Gusta
Janet Hajostek
Margo Ann and James Hancock
Ronald and Kristy Hansen
Pieter Hanson
Drs. Nidal and Sana Harb
Henry and Lynn Hardt
Alan Harris
Adam and Jackie Haut
Kathleen Heaps
David and June Heller
Patricia Henricksen
Carolyn Herbst
Heidi Hess
Dr. Pam and Roger Hill
Perry and Robin Hintze
Stan and Jackie Hintze
William D. Homrighausen
Doug and Nancy Hultquist
Donald and Jinnie Johnson
Barb and Mike Johnson
Chad and Billie Jo Johnson
Heidi Kahly-McMahon and Jim McMahon
Ann and Brian Kardell
Joyce Keegan
Aaron and Angela Kendall
Ann Ketelaar
Mark and Kathy Kilmer
Marjorie Kimmel
Terrye Kishiue
Dick Kleine
Jim and Marcia Koehler
Charles Koehler
Dr. George and Sherry Kontos
Mark and MaLinda Krauss
Richard and Judy Kreiter
Ashley Lacey
Dr. Bill and Kathy Langley
David and Linda Larson
Elizabeth and Tom Leemans
Dr. Shannon and Rob Leveridge
Thomas and Martha Licea
Matthew and Tracy Lindaman
Dr. Joe and Ann Lohmuller
Colby Lopez
Drs. Akshay and Geeta Mahadevia
Tony and Piper Manatt
Brett Marshall
Drs. Joseph and Carolyn Martin
Lawrence and Marilyn Matteson
Dr. Dave McEchron
Jeff and Donna Merideth
Carol J. Miller
Daniel and Jenny Molyneaux
Dan Molyneaux
Joel Moore
Dr. Ed and Chris Motto
Scott and Laura Mullen
Mark and Anne Nagan
Jim and Jan Nelson
Thad and Jane Nevitt
Dr. Ann O'Donnell and Mark Gassen
John and Patricia O'Donnell
Robert and Blenda Ontiveros
Vicki and Dr. Dennis Palmer
Don Pruter and Vickie Palmer Pruter
David Panjwani
Priscilla A. Parkhurst
Bill and Jan Pearson
Melissa and Dan Pepper
Jerry and Elaine Pepping
LeRoy Petersen
Dr. Andrew Philip
Kent and Judi Pilcher
Dr. Curtis Poor and Katherine Sigardson-Poor
Michelle and David Posten
Chris and Mary Rayburn
Donna Reed
Robert and Joan Reynolds
Martin Rich
John Riches and Julie Kirkpatrick
Elizabeth and Jon Richmiller
Ron and Tar Rickman
Dr. Peter and Merriam Rink
Glen and Diane Roebuck
Beth Roederer
Dr. Ed and Bobbi Rogalski
Ted and Lisa Rogalski
Mark and Susan Rogers
Kevin and Wendy Rossmiller
Keith and Mary Rossmiller
Caitlin Russell and Nic Brandt
Ian and Sara Russell
Jeff and Judy Scarpinato
Peggy and Brian Schaefer
Gregory and Mary Schermer
Verda Scott
Michael and Vicki Shaw
Annulka Shipp
Maria Sonnack
Stephen and Brenda Sorensen
Larry and Mary Jo Southwick
Anthony and Melissa Sovey
Pamela Spear
Hugh and Debby Stafford
Jeri Staudt*
David and Jana Steil
Priscilla and Roy Stilwell
Dr. Tom and Mary Ann Stoffel
Tracy and Mary Stollberg
Theresa and Jim Main
Thomas A. Sunderbruch, PhD
Geraldine Tallman
Ryan and Margo Taylor
Jim and Laurie Taylor
Deann R. Thoms
Larry and Annette Tillberg
Dr. Craig Tillman and  Patty Tillman
W. Scott and Barbara Tinsman
Kristyn and TJ Tjaden
Brett and Shannon Treiber
Brad and Liz Treiber
James E. Slavens and Cheri Treiber-Slavens
Phillip and Janet Trissel
Alan and Myrna Tubbs
Sherri and Brandon Ulfig
Victoria VanAusdall
Paul and Donna VanDuyne
Ryan and Susanne Veatch
Dr. Richard Vermeer and Susan Hanson
George and Jane Vieth
Jordan and Jessica Voigt
Chuck and Nancy von Maur
James and Collette Vonderhaar
Hal and Vaishali Wagher
Chris Wahlig and\ Lisa Bensmiller
Tim and Mary Walsh
Bob and Kim Waterman
Dana and Faye Waterman
David and Michelle Weiser
Tamara and Colin Wetlaufer
Kent and Amy Wiersema
Jeff and Bette Wigand
Bob and Linda Wilcox
Craig Witte
Mark and Marsha Witte
Rob and Deanna Woodall
Kevin and Lolita Youmans
Steven and Lisa Zelle
Michael and Debra Zemo
Dale Zude
Daniel R. Zude

*denotes deceased

Reviewed by Annulka Shipp on June 18, 2019

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