Magic In The Music

There is magic in the music that Katey Krull shares with Genesis hospice patients.

The magic is evident as a 100-year-old woman plays along with the music on a jingle stick. The hospice patient doesn't want the session to end.

Patients who are quiet, anxious, or frightened will open up to Krull, music therapist Kelly Fowler and music practitioner Mona Terry. All three meet with Genesis hospice patients to brighten their days with music.

"Everyone loves music. It's the avenue to reach people and hopefully make them feel better," explains Krull, a board-certified music therapist with a college degree in music therapy. "It's a very rewarding experience. I can't think of a better job."

All patients of Genesis hospice, whether they are at home or in the Clarissa C. Cook Hospice House, can experience the power of music therapy.

Music therapy is just one of the services that are available to all Genesis hospice patients. Patients also have the option asking for massage therapy, essential oils therapy and Reiki therapy.

The alternative therapy options have helped Genesis hospice earn patient satisfaction scores that are among the best in the country. The latest Press Ganey survey gave Genesis hospice a 99 percent satisfaction rating from patients of the program.

"Typically our patient satisfaction would be in the 90s but reaching 99 percent is almost unheard of," explained Marianne Meyers, director of hospice services at Genesis. "To get to that level, I think you have to offer something extra to patients and their families and we are doing that with our complementary services.''

Gifts to Genesis VNA and Hospice assist in supporting programs that may enrich the final days of life for a terminally ill patient. For information on how you can help, call Todd Klein at (563) 421-5107.

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