Flu Free Quad Cities

Flu-Free Quad Cities

As the school year is wrapping up and summer is starting, Genesis will be preparing for our Flu-Free QC initiative in the upcoming fall months. This program plays a vital role in keeping our schools and community flu free by providing free seasonal flu vaccines to elementary school students.

In 2017, nearly 8,280 students in 87 elementary schools received free seasonal flu vaccines through Flu-Free QC.

This program is 100% charitably funded.

There is no cost to the school district, school, or family to participate. We rely on the generosity of individuals, organizations, grants and businesses to ensure that every child who has parental consent receives their free flu shot.

The cost to provide one shot is $20.

Researchers and public health experts agree that vaccinating children is an essential component for the community containment of seasonal influenza.

For every child that receives a flu vaccine, five more people are protected against the seasonal flu.

That's an important safeguard for those most at-risk of developing a serious flu illness -- children under 6 months old who are too young to be vaccinated, grandparents, pregnant moms, and people with chronic diseases like diabetes, asthma and heart disease. Keeping our community healthy keeps children in school, parents at work and prevents our emergency rooms from being filled with flu-related illnesses.

Would you please consider making a gift to ensure that Quad City Area students receive their free flu shot?

Your gift is tax deductible in accordance with IRS regulations.

Please join with us in protecting our kids and our community from the flu. If you have questions, please contact our office at 563.421.6865 or via email.

Flu Free QC

Vaccinations for QC area school children

$19 = 1 Child

$38 = 2 Children

$76 = 4 Children

$114 = 6 Children

$190 = 10 Children

$475 = Class of 25


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