Marilyn WillitsMarilyn Willits, MS, RN CPHQ

In June of 2008, Marilyn Willits, MS, RN CPHQ retired after fifty years of professional nursing practice. Marilyn was well known throughout the Healthcare community, a standing ICON for professional practice.

She had the reputation of being very gracious whenever approached on standards, regulations and practice issues. Anyone could call and Marilyn would promptly respond. If the subject ventured into unknown territory, she would forge ahead to contact the appropriate agency or drill into the literature to find the answer.

She lead her crusade for nursing in multiple arenas, testified before the Board of Nursing, was an initial investigator of the Nursing Outcome Classification Research @ the University of Iowa and has been instrumental in the development of numerous projects, policies and procedures.

Her caring disposition kept the patient's voice at the forefront of the decision-making process and her deep compassion for the nurses exemplified her advocacy. She never hesitated to intervene on their behalf. In her constant pursuit of excellence, Marilyn was the "force" behind interventions that lead to "best practice" outcome.

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