HealthBeat Fitness Equipment

Genesis invites you to take a break from the trail and tackle the Genesis HealthBeat outdoor fitness system, where they can enjoy the best of the gym in the great outdoors.

Similar equipment for this fitness system can be found at Eastern Avenue Park in Davenport. Parks in DeWitt, IA and Aledo, IL and by Landscape Structures along the parkway, just east of Marquis Harbor and near the East Moline border.

From plyometrics to Tai Chi, the nine-station HealthBeat system provides an outdoor circuit training experience with cardiovascular, strength training, endurance and flexibility benefits. People of all fitness levels can start with exercises shown on the instructional signage at each station, and then create more challenging workouts by varying their activities.

The exercise stations focus on free resistance exercise. Most people are used to the recommendations for aerobic exercise, but they struggle to do the resistance end of it.

Genesis HealthBeat stations include: Balance Steps; Cardio Stepper; Plyometrics; Assisted Row/Push-up; Tai Chi Wheels; Squat Press; Chest/Back Press; Ab Crunch/Leg Lift; and Pull-Up/Dip.