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Lead Testing Results

  1. Please watch this video for instructions on how to test for lead.
  2. Use the swabs to test for lead in areas around your home.
  3. Fill out the form below in order to send your results for research purposes.

This lead test shows negative results accurately; however, a positive test result does not always mean there is lead. A positive test states that lead may be present. If the test is red, please visit the Scott County Lead Information page.

Test Results Form

What to Do if the Test is Positive

If your home test kit tested positive in any area, please visit the Scott County Lead Information page for more information.

Also, we recommend that any child (ages 6 and under) spending time in a house that tests positive for lead receive a blood test for lead from a doctor's office.

Your child may qualify for free testing through Scott County. Please call: (563) 326-8618 to schedule a Blood Lead Test.

Additional Home Lead Test Kits are available online or at your local hardware store.

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