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In an effort to make the Quad City community a healthier place to eat and live, DineWell and Genesis dieticians have joined together to establish a code of healthy eating. Like badges, local restaurants are awarded hearts based off the menu items they serve. The goal is not to rate or judge restaurants, but to deliver knowledge to the food consumer. Through the code, restaurants are encouraged to incorporate the following into their menus:

  • Gluten-free entrees
  • Trans fat-free entrees
  • Lower sodium entrees upon request
  • Locally grown produce within a 100 mile radius
  • Fresh fruit as a dessert option

Genesis is aware the unique dietary concerns that require avoidance or elimination of certain food groups. This makes dining out, which should be an enjoyable process, difficult and often not worth the risk.

While enhancing general health, the goal of DineWell is to also simplify that complicated process. Numerous restaurants are already taking wonderful steps to increase the healthy value of their food while maintaining a fantastic taste. The purpose of DineWell is to take those restaurants and put their menus directly in your hands.

By delivering knowledge and awareness, Genesis hopes consumers will ask the right questions and make informed decisions about the food they are putting into their bodies. With DineWell, it’s all about making healthy food available to you.

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