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As a restaurateur, you have a unique relationship with your customers. Unlike the local hardware store, you create a product that others consume--literally. You care for your customers because you fuel their everyday lives through the food you serve. It's a heavy responsibility, but you're glad to do it. 

DineWell wants to make it easier for you. Restaurant owners like you are making great efforts on a daily basis to make your food healthier while maintaining a fantastic taste. And for that, we want to celebrate you.

Genesis dieticians have joined together with DineWell to develop a code. This code will help both you and your customers to be informed about the sort of food they are eating. The purpose of this code is not to rate or judge, but to encourage sensible food choices that will inevitably strengthen the respect and loyalty your customers have for your restaurant.

This is what the code looks like:

  • Gluten-free entrees
  • Trans fat-free entrees
  • Lower sodium entrees upon request
  • Locally grown produce with a 100 mile radius
  • Fresh fruit as a dessert option

Some of your customers may have special dietary concerns that leave them unable to eat some of your menu items. For example, Celiac Disease is a common condition that damages the lining of the small intestine as a result of gluten consumption. While many who suffer from this condition might order a sandwich or burger with no bun, alternatives that are completely gluten-free are highly preferred.

Maybe you have those alternatives already available but your customers simply don’t know it. By becoming a DineWell partner, you empower your customers to take food into their own hands.

Please allow us to open the door to your menu. We thank you for your valuable time.

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