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Published on January 05, 2012

Mercer County Hospital and Genesis Provide Complete Care for Community

Marge Lloyd

Marge Lloyd

Home is the place where most of us feel safe and secure but according to a report from injuries at home account for 20,000 deaths, 7 million disabling injuries, and 20 million hospital trips in the United States each year.

Mercer County Hospital stands ready to serve the community by offering professional, compassionate medical services 24/7 through its emergency department. In the event of serious injury or illness, the hospital partners with Genesis Medical Center, Illini and Davenport for advanced care when transfer is necessary.

Marge Lloyd of Aledo was injured in an accident at home, which caused her to dislocate her hip and break two bones in her foot. She was transported by ambulance to Mercer County Hospital where medical personnel attended to her injuries.

"The medical staff were so attentive and stayed with me to monitor my blood pressure and administer pain medication. The nurses joked with me and made me feel calm and relaxed despite my injury. An x-ray technologist took x-rays of my foot and was very careful not to cause unnecessary pain and discomfort," said Marge.

Due to the extent of her injuries, Marge needed immediate treatment by an orthopedic surgeon and was transferred to Genesis Medical Center, Illini for advanced care. When Marge arrived she was treated in the emergency department where nurses took her vitals, administered IV fluids, monitored her blood pressure, and prepared her for a procedure. An orthopedic surgeon completed a closed reduction in surgery to treat the dislocation.
Marge stayed at Illini for three days and was released to go home with medical restrictions that included using a walker, bearing limited weight on her injured leg, and no driving for six weeks.

"The nurses at Illini took very good care of me. I appreciate all they did to help me through my surgery. I hated that I couldn't drive but I was very glad I could recover at home," commented Marge.

Genesis Medical Center, Illini is a full-service acute care medical center. It is a designated Level II trauma center and provides an Intensive Care Unit supported by advanced medical specialties. Illini's Surgical Services Department features multiple operating rooms, designed to support today's advanced surgical technology. Specialized equipment is available for vascular and orthopedic procedures, including total joint replacement, as well cardiac catheterization.

"My orthopedic surgeon recommended that I get physical therapy at Mercer County Hospital. He thought Jim Johnson, Physical Therapy Manager, was exceptional and their department provided excellent rehabilitation services. I was so impressed that an orthopedic surgeon thought so highly of the physical therapy program at Mercer County Hospital. I was able to be treated with an exercise program to help me to strengthen my hip and leg," said Marge.

"Our Physical Therapy department offers an array of rehabilitation services including speech and occupational therapy to inpatients, outpatients, and home care patients. New patients are evaluated by a physical therapist before receiving treatment. We strive to accommodate the needs of each patient by creating an individualized plan to help the patient reach their prior level of function," said Jim Johnson, Manager of Physical Therapy.

"I had a great experience at Mercer County Hospital and Genesis Medical Center, Illini. They make a great team and I am so glad that I could get the advanced medical care I needed at Illini but was able to utilize Mercer County Hospital's Emergency Department and Physical Therapy services," said Marge.

Mercer County Hospital and Genesis Health System have been partners in health care since 2009 and are currently in an affiliation agreement. Residents of Mercer County and the surrounding area have the convenience of utilizing local services at Mercer County Hospital and access to advanced medical care offered by Genesis Health System. 

"The two organizations work so well together and through this partnership we can provide excellent health care to the community. Our goal is to continue to grow our relationship and to bring more health care opportunities to Mercer County," said Ted Rogalski, Administrator, Mercer County Hospital.

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