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Published on November 16, 2012

Genesis Builds Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine Facility

Genesis Health System and development partner Build To Suit, Bettendorf are constructing a 10,500-square-foot building that will house Genesis Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine at Eastern Avenue and 53rd Street.

“This facility will have features unlike any now available in the region for recovery from injury or surgery,'' said Doug Boleyn, Genesis outpatient rehabilitation services director. “We will also have an emphasis on the recovery of athletes or anyone who has suffered an injury while participating in sports.''

Unique treatment options will include an underwater treadmill to expedite recovery after surgery or injury. The underwater treadmill helps individuals maximize their recovery potential and return to functional training, such as walking, running and swimming, much earlier in their recovery process and with significantly less pain. Adjustable water temperature allows for muscle relaxation and reduction of joint stiffness with warm temperatures and swelling control with cooler temperatures.

Specialized Services & Programs

• Immediate post-injury athletic screens
• Throwing and Running video analysis
• Sport-specific treatment plans
• Safe and accelerated return to
athletic participation
• Power Sports Performance
• SportsmetricsTM ACL Injury Prevention Program
• Return to Golf Program
• Indoor pitching mound
• Underwater treadmill
• Orthotic casting
• Laser Therapy

The underwater treadmill also will be equipped with video analysis. Swimmers will be able to swim against resistance, and runners will be able to train while having mechanics videotaped to help decrease the possibility of future injuries and maximize performance.

An indoor regulation-height basketball hoop, pitching mound, golf net and volleyball net will help meet the rehabilitation, return-to-sport and sports performance needs of athletes of all ages. The facility also will offer VertiMax to improve speed and jump performance, higher ceiling height, running lanes and a Chill Zone lounge for cool downs after workouts. Sports-specific training will be available.

The Genesis Rehabilitation staff will continue to provide one-on-one individualized care for both acute and chronic pain. Services will include treatment for muscle, bone and joint pain, return-to-work training, pre- and post-operative recovery, balance/dizziness dysfunctions and TMJ/headache pain. A certified hand specialist will help to restore maximal upper extremity function, regardless of the degree of the injury.

Paul Boffeli, vice president and project manager for Built To Suit, said the Genesis facility could stimulate more development at 53rd Street and Eastern Avenue. “So far, commercial development has been limited, but we think this project may open the area to other projects,'' Boffeli said.

The building is scheduled for completion in early 2013.

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