Published on April 09, 2012

Mercer County Health Care has Economic Impact of over $40,000,000

In the current economic downturn, many businesses have reduced their workforce. Mercer County has the highest unemployment rate in the area, at 12.2 percent, according to preliminary data released by the Illinois Department of Employment Security (IDES).

Despite local employment challenges, the healthcare field has proven to stay resilient in tough economic times. Mercer County Hospital is a leading employer in the community with 149 employees and an annual payroll of $6,708,378. MCH employees impact the economic vitality of local businesses through consumer spending which generates $16,084,678 in economic activity and 122 additional jobs for the local and state economy.

The hospital also stimulates the economy through purchasing goods and services. Mercer County Hospital spent $5,305,831 on goods and services, such as: food and supplies, support operations and medical services, generating $12,721,791 in economic activity.

Each year, Mercer County Hospital invests in capital expenditures. In 2011, the hospital invested $743,053 in its facility by updating technology, structural repairs and purchasing medical equipment. This capital expenditure generated an additional economic impact of $1,781,618 to the regional economy.

As a Critical Access Hospital, MCH provides vital medical services to the community. Utilization of the hospital continues to grow as more patients seek medical care locally.

In 2011, Mercer County Hospital provided the following services:

  • 346 Inpatient admissions
  • 170,439 Outpatient procedures
  • 3,440 Emergency Room visits
  • 4,511 Home Health visits
  • 1,186 Hospice visits
  • 15,318 Medical Associates Clinic visits
  • 2,310 Podiatry visits
  • 986 Specialty Clinic visits
  • 90 Occupational Health visits

Plans are also underway to begin a $11,500,000 renovation of the hospital to meet state requirements, expand outpatient services in the Emergency Room, Surgery, Laboratory, Radiology, and Physical Therapy; and install a new heating, ventilation and air-conditioning system.

The hospital is critical to the economic viability of our community as a major source of employment and purchaser of goods and services. In 2011, Mercer County Hospital had an estimated total economic impact of $30,525,087 and helped generate 231 jobs.

Mercer County Nursing Home delivers a strong impact on the local economy with 106 employees and an annual payroll and benefits of $3,328,000. Nursing home employees impact the economic growth and stability of local businesses through consumer spending which generates $7,987,200 in economic activity and 61 additional jobs for the local and regional economy. Mercer County Nursing Home spent $788,000 on goods and services to provide care for its residents.These funds spent by the nursing home generated an of total of $1,891,200 in economic activity.

Mercer County Hospital and Mercer County Nursing Home create a strong employment base and make a significant impact on the local community and regional economy. The hospital and nursing home employ a total of 255 people with a total payroll of $10,036,378. The combined total economic impact is $40,403,487 creating 292 jobs locally and throughout the region.

"The hospital and nursing home provide compassionate, quality health care and as a leading local employer add to the economic well-being of the community and other businesses. Together, we can continue to grow our services and bring additional employment opportunities to the area," said Ted Rogalski, Chief Executive Officer, Mercer County Hospital.

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