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Published on June 21, 2013

Anti-Gravity Treadmill Coming Soon to Genesis Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine

Train Through Injuries

Alter-G Anti Gravity Treadmill

The AlterG® Anti-Gravity Treadmill, arriving next
week at Genesis Physical Therapy & Sports
Medicine, allows users to run or walk with greatly
reduced impact. It provides up to 80 percent body
weight support to reduce stress and strain on
the joints to help people rehabilitate from injury.

We’ve all seen footage of the first astronauts making their floating walk on the moon. Now, you can experience that feeling of weightlessness as you rehabilitate from injury on a new anti-gravity treadmill coming soon to Genesis Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine.

Arriving next week, the new AlterG® Anti-Gravity Treadmill enables users to run or walk while reducing their body weight in 1 percent increments.

With its ability to provide up to 80 percent body support, the treadmill helps reduce stress and strain on the body. The treadmill’s patented gravity differential technology uses an advanced air pressure system to create a lifting force to the body, so people can run or walk normally, with less pain and impact on their joints and muscles.

“The AlterG® treadmill offers the same anti-gravity technology originally developed at NASA and is ideal for people who are rehabilitating from injury or surgery or who want to achieve peak performance through an advanced training aid,” says physical therapist and clinic supervisor Kathryn Ellsworth, PT, DPT, OCS.

The treadmill is the latest cutting-edge feature at the new 10,500-square-foot clinic that opened last February at 53rd Street and Eastern Avenue in Davenport. The clinic, with its distinctive outdoor windows showing photos of athletes at peak performance, has features unlike any available in the Quad Cities for recovery from injury or surgery and sports-related injury.

Controlling gravity while running or walking enables people to:

•     Train through injuries
•     Gain independence despite minimal ability to walk
•     Overspeed train with minimal strain on joints
•     Enjoy a speedier and less painful recovery
•     Eliminate pain from chronic injuries while improving strength
•     Have access to the same peak performance tools as world-class runners.

“This treadmill is great for people faced with lower extremity pain, soft tissue healing constraints, or limited mobility from neurological conditions,” Ellsworth says. “It makes it easier for obese people to exercise and has even been featured by contestants on the TV show ‘The Biggest Loser.’”

Ellsworth adds, “It can be used for rehabilitative exercise for people who have arthritis, foot or ankle pain, are recovering from stroke, or who
are recovering from joint replacement surgery or a lower-extremity fracture, for example.”

The AlterG® is easy to use and different from a traditional treadmill. First, users step onto the anti-gravity treadmill, raise the enclosure to their waist and zip into the air chamber that surrounds their lower body. The controls are nearly identical to any treadmill, beginning with the AlterG® measuring body weight when “start” is pressed.

With the up/down arrows on the control panel, users can decrease their body weight, with the air chamber inflating around their lower body so the air pressure literally “floats” them off the treadmill to the body weight setting they have selected. In addition to the standard treadmill safety features, support from the inflated air chamber makes users feel more secure during exercise.

In addition to the new anti-gravity treadmill, the clinic also offers a first-in-the-Quad Cities underwater treadmill to expedite recovery.

The HydroWorx underwater treadmill pool helps individuals maximize their recovery potential and return to functional training, such as walking, running and swimming, much earlier in their recovery and with significantly less pain. By taking advantage of the body’s buoyancy in water, the HydroWorx pool eliminates 20-90 percent of an individual’s body weight. Adjustable water temperature allows for muscle relaxation and reduction of joint stiffness with warm water and swelling control with cooler water. The underwater treadmill is equipped with video analysis.

The clinic also offers Vertimax technology, which uses a system of pulleys attached to a platform to give resistance. This helps improve speed, reaction time, jump performance and provides concentric and eccentric strengthening.

High ceilings at the clinic accommodate an indoor regulation-height basketball hoop, an indoor pitching mound, a golf net and volleyball net, and helps to meet the rehabilitation, return-to-sport and sports performance needs of all ages.

Genesis Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine is located at 1702 E. 53rd Street in Davenport. To find out more call 563-421-9660 or go to

Specialized Services and Programs

Specialized services and programs at Genesis Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine include:

•    Immediate post-injury athletic screens
•    Throwing and running video analysis
•    Sport-specific treatment plans
•    Safe and accelerated return to athletic participation
•    Power Sports Performance
•    Sportsmetrics™ ACL Injury Prevention Program
•    Return to Golf Program
•    Orthotic casting
•    Laser Therapy
•    Indoor pitching mound
•    Underwater treadmill
•    Power Sports Performance

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