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Published on October 11, 2013

The Future of Healthcare

Genesis HealthPlex, Moline to open Nov. 4

Think about the inconveniences of healthcare we’ve all experienced.

There’s trying to find your way through the maze of hallways...standing too long at the registration desk while the receptionist handles interruptions... spending more time in the waiting room than exam room...and, then leaving your doctor’s office only to have to drive somewhere else to get a prescription filled, an x-ray taken, or lab work.

The new $14 million Genesis HealthPlex, Moline has been built and designed to take those inconveniences away.

  • Moline HealthPlex Building
  • Genesis executives Flo Spyrow, Sr. Vice President, and Mike Sharp, VP of Support Services, led a recent media tour at Genesis HealthPlex, Moline.
  • Dr. Brian Anderson talks about the benefits of the healthplex. The $14 million building opens Nov. 4.

The 52,000-square-foot building at 3900 28th Ave. Drive will represent the future of healthcare when it opens Nov. 4, with “one-stop shopping” for outpatient services, a centralized registration area, intuitive way-finding, work flow improvements to decrease patient wait time, and a dedication to wellness. It offers a park-like setting with walking trails and outdoor exercise equipment.

With a strategic focus on population health, Genesis has set out to create a campus to prepare for a new age of health care -- one that focuses on prevention and wellness and responds to a nationwide trend of transitioning care from hospitals to outpatient settings.

“The focus of Genesis HealthPlex, Moline is not only going to be on healthcare, but on wellness for the entire community,” said Flo Spyrow, Senior Vice President of Genesis Health System, during an Oct. 4 media tour of the facility. “We want the community to feel like this is their space. Even if they don’t need to go to the doctor, they can come here and enjoy it with their families in a setting that encourages wellness.”

Multiple services

Genesis HealthPlex, Moline will have family and internal medicine providers; specialty providers, including an ear, nose and throat physician; Genesis Convenient Care; Genesis Integrative Wellness; and lab, pharmacy, and imaging services.

“This is going to offer patients a central location and a more welcoming, aesthetic facility. But beyond that, they will enjoy expanded services,” said Brian Anderson, D.O., a Genesis Health Group physician whose practice will move to the building. “We’ll have on-site x-ray and lab services, so if my patient needs to have a blood test done, he or she can do it here. When you’re sick, the last thing you want to do is to have to drive from one facility to another.”

Dr. Anderson added, “The wellness concept starts here, and it will continue with more phases to come. There are trails here for patients, staff and residents in the community who want to go walking or use the outdoor exercise equipment.”

Genesis HealthPlex, Moline was built in 10 months, but the journey began nearly two decades ago. Genesis acquired the property in 1998 from the Ferry family, which had a farming operation there since the 1880s. For several years, the site also served as a city landfill. Genesis worked with the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency to remediate the land, clearing the way for its redevelopment in 1999. The EPA remediation process indicated organic and metal waste in the previous landfill areas, but no hazardous waste, said Mike Sharp, Vice President of Support Services.

A three-foot cap of clay was put over the landfill, which is where the parking lot sits. The building is built on native soil on the 24-acre property.

Sharp has been working in health care construction and development for the past 30 years.

“This project has been the most unique,” he said. “The whole approach has been ‘physician-led, professionally managed,’ and doing what ultimately is best for the patient. These two components were always considered in the building’s design and construction, and that approach has led to a very different kind of building.”

Physicians and staff provided much input and used Lean methods of process improvement, he said. Much attention was paid to way-finding, so patients will arrive and intuitively know where to go. A centralized registration area for patients will bring a more fluid check-in process, with less waiting. In the future, the plan is to install electronic kiosks for convenient patient check-in, as well.

“Our intention, once we get our processes finetuned, is that the patients won’t wait,” Spyrow said. “They will arrive, check-in, know which aisle or doorway to go through to see their provider, and they will be in a room right away. We will eliminate the wasted time and frustration to our patients, and this will make our providers more efficient and give them more time to spend with their patients.”

Having staff dedicated to checking in patients before their appointment and checking them out afterwards also will lessen wait time, added Steve Hodgen, Clinic Manager.

“There’s nothing more frustrating to a patient than to arrive to get checked in, only to have the receptionist say, ‘Can you wait, please? I have to answer the phone,’” he said. “Nationwide, it’s becoming best practice to streamline staff responsibilities at the check-in and check -out areas and making this the focus of what they do.”

One thing missing from the building is a lot of storage space. Patient records will be electronic, so there’s no need to store paper charts. Once registered, a patient’s status during the visit will be tracked within the electronic medical record, so that a room can be made available, a nurse is expecting him or her, and then the provider will know when the patient is ready to be seen. The physician will pull up the patient’s record on a laptop computer and make real-time notes and orders, Hodgen explained.

“We’ve put a lot of work into improving work flow processes to facilitate the work of the physicians, and our patients’ needs have been first and foremost.”

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