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Published on February 08, 2013

Bringing Nationally Recognized Care To Mercer County

Genesis completes purchase of rural hospital, nursing home

ALEDO, Ill. -- Mercer County Hospital and Mercer County Nursing Home officially became part of the Genesis Health System family on Feb. 1.

The completed purchase was celebrated with a news conference, a community open house, the unveiling of new signs and the promise of stability and more improvements to come.

The hospital has been renamed Genesis Medical Center, Aledo, and the nursing home is now Genesis Senior Living, Aledo. The historic day marked the culmination of a partnership that began between Mercer County and Genesis Health System in 2009, when Genesis was secured to manage and oversee the hospital’s day-to-day operations.

Two years later, Genesis also began managing the nursing home. After a successful public referendum, the Mercer County Board approved the sale of Mercer County Nursing Home for $2.25 million.

A new era

“These facilities are tremendous county and community assets and by completing this purchase, Genesis is securing the future of both facilities for decades to come,’’ said Doug Cropper, President and CEO of Genesis Health System. “We are excited as Genesis takes both of these respected health care organizations into a new era.’’

Genesis will bring its core values, including patient safety and quality, to the institutions and provide nationally recognized care close to home for residents of Mercer County and surrounding communities, he said.

Reform in health care and innovations in health care technology have made it increasingly difficult for governmentowned facilities to keep pace.

As chairman of the Mercer County Hospital Governing Board, Donald Johnson knows this first-hand.

“Without Genesis, the future of the hospital was looking quite bleak,” Johnson said. “Genesis ownership means stability and continued good quality health care into the future for Mercer County. Our partnership with Genesis has brought improved finances and quality, new services and more physician support.”

Under Genesis management, the hospital has gone from a $700,000 annual loss to an average annual margin of $500,000. “GMC-Aledo is now profitable and offers a very, very bright future for all of us,” said Flo Spyrow, Senior Vice President of Genesis Health System.

In addition to financial stability, Genesis has brought new and improved services to the hospital, including sleep medicine, expanded radiology and surgical options and the availability of additional specialists, she said.

Ted Rogalski, administrator of Genesis Medical Center, Aledo, thanked the communities served by the hospital for their support throughout the process.

“We have worked together over the last three years to secure the long-term future of quality health care through the purchase of the hospital and nursing home,” said Rogalski, adding that the next-closest hospital is at least 45 minutes away. “More than ever before, patients from the area will be able to receive the care they need close to home.’’

Myron Higgins will continue as administrator of Genesis Senior Living, Aledo, which recently received the highest quality rating from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. “Moving into the Genesis system, I see a lot of opportunities for our growth and new opportunities in the future for equipment...computerized charting,” Higgins said. “We do a great job of giving our patients excellent care. This will all just enhance it.”

In addition to the name changes of the hospital and nursing home, Medical Associates Clinic, Aledo will become Genesis Health Group, Aledo.

Mary Flint’s mother is a resident of Genesis Senior Living, Aledo. The retired elementary school teacher and her family look forward to the promise of excellent care for years to come. “No one knows when a family member or friend may need the care that only a local hospital or nursing home can provide,” Flint said. “I give thanks that both will continue to be available in Mercer County.”

Dr. Dennis Palmer, an Aledo physician, says the community has witnessed the positive impact Genesis has had on the hospital and nursing home. “Genesis understands the financial challenges faced by rural hospitals and respects the crucial role they play in the health of the communities they serve.”

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