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Published on June 04, 2013

Our Genesis Mission is "Who We Are"

By Doug Cropper, President and CEO

The Genesis mission is the driving force behind all that we do. It defines the purpose for our existence, “to provide compassionate, quality health services to all those in need.”

When so much is changing in health care, it’s more important than ever to cling tightly to who we are, our true selves. And, who are we? Well, I believe we are the reflection of the values we prize most.

Compassion… Integrity.... Respect…. Excellence…. Safety…. Accountability…. over time our values define us both as individuals and as an organization. And we carry these values forward by the stories we tell and those told about us.

For instance, one of the earliest “Genesis stories” starts with the cholera outbreak in the City of Davenport in 1873. In response, the city's Board of Health rushed to open an empty warehouse that soon filled with the desperately ill. But in its haste to create an emergency "pest house," the city forgot to plan for who would care for these highly contagious patients.

Even the victims’ own families fled from them in fear. That's when three brave Sisters of Mercy walked through the door and took charge. Their courage and sacrifice laid the foundation for the mission of “compassionate, quality health services to all those in need” that drives us forward nearly a century-and-a-half later.

Here’s the question... If history had forgotten the story of those brave women, would the Genesis we know today have endured?

It is our stories that sustain us during times of uncertainty and, in large measure, make us who we are. The men and women of Genesis step up and "walk through the door" every day to care for patients and meet the community's health care needs with compassion.

The need to record these countless tales of quiet compassion and life-altering kindness and dedication is no less compelling today than it was nearly 150 years ago.

To recognize the compassionate dedication of our employees, Genesis is announcing a new online publication called "Celebrating the Genesis Values That Make Us WHO WE ARE." The first six stories highlighting each of our Genesis values can be found at www.genesishealth.com/whoweare.

With your help, these stories will be the first of many. It's our intention to add new stories throughout the year and announce each one so we can all celebrate and learn from the people who make Genesis such a special place.  You will be able to share stories about your exceptional colleagues by e-mailing suggestions to WhoWeAre@genesishealth.com.

For now, I encourage you to read these initial stories; watch the accompanying videos; and, reflect on the sacredness of what we do in health care.  I believe you'll find that these stories re-ignite your personal and our collective commitment to our mission and values.

No matter what your role at Genesis, you help to create a healing environment for those entrusted in our care. The "Who We Are" stories illustrate how an ordinary workday can present an opportunity to serve in very extraordinary ways -- whether it’s a groundskeeper taking time to talk to a grieving family member in the parking lot or a hospice nurse accompanying a veteran to Washington, D.C., so he can fulfill his dying wish. Read the stories and ask yourself, "Can I do more to make a difference, and help Genesis fulfill its mission?"

Our mission defines our purpose and why we exist.

Every day, we make a difference in thousands of lives. As our mission and values guide us through this tradition of caring, we’re still "walking through the door" to fill the needs of the communities we serve. That's simply "who we are.”

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