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Published on January 14, 2014

Genesis Promotes Fitness In Eldridge


By Scott Campbell
NSP Editor 

Count Eldridge residents as the latest beneficiaries of Genesis Health System’s generosity and promotion of physical fitness.

Working in tandem with the Eldridge Park Board, Genesis has provided the city with a $40,000 Genesis HealthBeat Park, which area residents can use to stay physically fit.

The 10 pieces of all-weather exercise equipment are located along the bike path on South First Street, just south of LeClaire Road.

“We consider the Genesis HealthBeat parks to be investments in the health and wellness of the region,” said Ken Croken, Genesis Health System’s vice president of corporate communications and marketing. “Population Heath is a concept you are already hearing and will continue to hear about.

“Each of us is being asked to take more personal responsibility for our health, including exercise, getting vaccinations, good nutrition, washing our hands, not smoking and having a relationship with a primary care physician to maintain our health.

“There are a few simple things we can all do to improve our health and the health of the region,” he continued. “Exercise is one of them, and we hope people will take advantage of the Genesis HealthBeat equipment.”

Croken and the park board had preliminary discussions as far back as two years ago, and Croken gave the go-ahead last summer.

The equipment, which is designed and installed by Outdoor Recreation Products, was delivered to Eldridge this fall, and the park board, with considerable input from Park Director Amy Knoche, determined that the area along South First Street would be a prime location.

“We already had some fitness equipment at Sheridan Meadows Park,” said park board chairman Scott Campbell, “and our original thought was to locate the new Genesis equipment in one of our other parks.

“However, with Amy’s input, we decided to put it along the bike path, and I think that ended up being a great choice.”

“We did think about putting them side by side at Sheridan Meadows,” added Knoche, “but I felt the area closer to LeClaire Road would be a better fit. One of the thoughts is that maybe people would want to use both as part of a circuit training program, in that they could workout on one and then run to the other one.

“We also wanted it along the bike path so it would be easily accessible. Again, it‘s in a place where if someone was riding their bike or running, they could stop, do a workout, and continue on their way.”


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