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Published on December 29, 2015

Olivia, Ava, Isaac Top List Of Most Popular Names Of Genesis Babies

DAVENPORT, Iowa – Dec. 29, 2015 – Olivia, Ava and Isaac top the list of the most popular names of babies born at Genesis BirthCenters in 2015.

Parents naming girl babies born at Genesis were in sync with national trends. There were 14 baby girls who went home from Genesis BirthCenters with the name Ava, which was No. 4 in popularity nationally, and the same number going home with the name Olivia, which was No. 3 nationally.

A total of 17 baby boys born at Genesis were named Isaac.  Isaac was well back at No. 31 on the national list of popular boys names. Oliver and Liam were the next most popular names for Genesis boy babies with 11 each.

Liam continued to be among the most popular names for boys born at Genesis and was No. 3 nationally.

Olivia has become a traditional naming favorite at Genesis. In the past four years Olivia was No. 1 three times (2015, 2014, 2012) at Genesis and No. 2 in 2013.

Ava didn’t make the Genesis top 10 last year but tied for third in 2013 and tied for fourth in 2012.

Isaac last appeared in the Genesis top 10 – tied for second – in 2013.  Isaac  was not in the Genesis top 10 list for boy names in 2014.

Sophia remains No. 1 nationally for baby girl names. This year there were 10 Sophias born at Genesis for No. 6 on the Genesis list.

The top five girl names nationally in 2015, according to babycenter.com were Sophia, Emma, Olivia, Ava and Mia. The top five boy names for the third straight year were Jackson, Aiden, Liam, Lucas and Noah.

There was one interesting regional cultural influence on parents naming new baby boys this year. There were six boys named Kinnick  born at the Genesis BirthCenter in Davenport.  No boys named Kinnick were born at Genesis Medical Center, Silvis.

Nile Kinnick was the University of Iowa’s only Heisman Trophy winner (1939) and the university’s football stadium is named for Kinnick. The success of the Hawkeyes on the field this season may have inspired some parents. The 12-1 Hawkeyes will play in the Rose Bowl on Friday.   A few babies born at Genesis in 2015 will have names they are unlikely to share with anyone in their schools.  Among the less common names given to babies born at Genesis in 2015 were Aarpjo (girl); Acyionnah (girl); Olajunece (girl); Zymire (boy); Zaroyee (boy) and Aarav (boy).

Genesis BirthCenters have tracked popular birth names since 2006.

More than 2,400 babies were born in 2015 at the Genesis BirthCenters in Davenport and Silvis.

Most Popular Girls Baby Names In 2015 At Genesis BirthCenters

1. Tie, Ava and Olivia (14); 3. tie, Evelyn, Harper, Emma (12); 6. Lillian (11); 7. Sophia (10); 8. Natalie (9); 9. tie, Amelia, Lucy and Scarlett (8).

Most Popular Boys Baby Names In 2015 At Genesis BirthCenters

1. Isaac 17; 2. tie, Oliver and Liam (11); 4. tie, Levi, William, Jack, Michael (10); 8. Tie, Owen, Grayson, Alexander, Benjamin, Bentley and Maxwell (9).

Most Popular Girls Baby Names In 2014  At Genesis BirthCenters

1. Tie, Avery and Olivia (12); 3. Zoey (11); 4. tie, Lillian, Evelyn and Mia (10); 7. Isabella (9); 8. tie, Nora, Gabriella, Sophia and Harper (8).

Most Popular Boys Baby Names In 2014 At Genesis BirthCenters

1. Jackson (19); 2. Liam (16); 3. Alexander (13); 4. tie, James and Logan (12); 6. tie, Gabriel, Dylan, Jacob, Elijah, Henry and David (11).

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