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Published on December 19, 2017

Genesis Physical Therapy Introduces HitTrax

Have you dreamed of launching one out of Wrigley Field? Yankee Stadium?

Always wanted to pitch at the big league level?

You now have a virtual opportunity to experience those dreams with HitTrax at Genesis Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine.

HitTrax offers a powerful combination of performance analytics and entertainment for baseball players in the region.

HitTrax innovation, relatively new to indoor baseball facilities, measures real-time data and displays live results for immediate feedback.  Hitters of all age groups and skill levels can analyze key performance metrics to identify tendencies before stepping onto the field during their season.

Pitchers can also use HitTrax to improve their mechanics, speed, accuracy and to regain motion after injury or surgery.

HitTrax is designed to promote improved performance, consistency and recovery for hitters and pitchers, but also for entertainment.  Hitting leagues, tournaments and home run derbies will bring the excitement and power of the game to the Genesis Physical Therapy site at 1702 East 53rd Street, Davenport

“The analytics available from HitTrax make it superior to anything similar for hitting performance,’’ said Karl Stratman, physical therapist at the clinic. “HitTrax is designed to help hitters develop a consistent swing, but also a more strategic swing.’’

Analytics available include ball velocity off the bat, distance, pitch speed, late break of pitch, pitch location, strike zone analysis and spray charts.

The feedback empowers hitters and pitchers to make positive adjustments, leading to more productive training sessions.

The Genesis Physical Therapy Clinic at 53rd and Eastern in Davenport is already unique in the region with a definite sports theme, although the clinic services are available for everyone who has suffered an injury affecting movement and function or seeks physical therapy after an injury.  Occupational therapy is also available.

“We do see athletes recovering from injuries but the clinic is open to anyone who can benefit from therapies, including someone who has fallen and been injured and clients who have experienced a recent surgery,’’ Stratman said.

For information or to reserve a HitTrax session for an individuals or teams, call (563) 421-9660.


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