Published on February 02, 2017

Genesis Creates Grief Education Program

Genesis Grief Support is offering a free education program to help individuals recovering from grief.

This program is designed to help participants address their feelings of grief. Recovery is essential for healing.  Grief can be confronted, whether it has developed from death; health issues; or loss in a relationship, a job, a home, or trust.

Dr. Michael Robinson, Genesis Grief Support Coordinator, will facilitate the twelve-week intensive program, which starts Monday, February 6.

Dr. Robinson explains, “The Grief Recovery Method addresses many misconceptions about dealing with grief.”

”It is common for people that experience grief to become victim to believe myths that are associated with grief; such as, ‘time will heal, do not to feel bad, grieving should be done alone, loss can be replaced, be strong, and stay busy.’

“Our program teaches the correct action choices to help individuals move beyond their pain that results from their loss,” added Dr. Robinson.

The Grief Recovery Method goes further than making recovery possible; it also provides partnerships and guidance to ensure healing.  The program provides a safe and trusting environment for everyone that is involved.

The program will be held in the Sunderbruch Room at Genesis Medical Center, West Central Park, 1401 West Central Park, Davenport, each Monday from 6-8 p.m. starting February 6.  

To RSVP or learn more about the program, call (563) 421-4043.

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