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Published on May 18, 2017

Naturally Slim® Group Loses More Than 1,600 Pounds

Mindful eating and reducing sugar consumption can reduce risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes.

The Naturally Slim® program continues to be effective for participants who desire to achieve measurable weight loss and benefits to their overall health.

In the most recent classes offered by Genesis Philanthropy, a regional wellness foundation, and sponsored by the Quad-City Times, participants who completed all 10 weeks of the free program had an average weight loss of 13.9 pounds.

Of the 114 participants who finished the 10-week program, 66 percent lost 10 pounds or more and 20 percent lost 20 pounds or more.

As a group, they lost more than 1,600 pounds. That is equivalent to losing the weight of a Holstein cow or two touring motorcycles.

“Naturally Slim® continues to meet and exceed the goals of significant weight loss and significant health benefits,’’ said Missy Gowey, executive director of Genesis Philanthropy, a foundation providing health and wellness initiatives to the region. “It has also proven to be sustainable for people who adhere to the program.

“The typical weight loss programs often have a dropout rate much higher than our experience with Naturally Slim®.’’

In the latest group of Naturally Slim® from throughout the region, 91 percent of the people who enrolled participated in all 10 weeks of the online sessions.

“Maybe most importantly, 82 percent of participants lowered their diabetes risk over the course of the program by reducing their risk factors, including triglycerides and blood glucose,’’ Gowey added. “The results we see are the reason Genesis Philanthropy and its supporting partners continue to offer the program.

“One of the joys for us is to read the testimonials of participants. This program gets them on a path toward better health.  We had one participant who was able to reduce pre-diabetes medication by half and has been able to start walking 5,000 or 6,000 steps a day without support.’’

The program, which has a $600 value, will be offered again this fall.

Genesis Philanthropy offers free health screenings and programs to individuals who want to reduce their risk for chronic disease and possibly lose weight. If clinically qualified, individuals are able to participate in the free 10-week program to reduce the risk factors of Metabolic Syndrome.

Metabolic Syndrome is indicated when 3 or more of 5 identified risk factors are present, increasing the risks of diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease.

The Metabolic Syndrome Initiative was first introduced to the public by Genesis in 2014. Since then, participants who had elevated Metabolic Syndrome risk before the program have experienced a 38 percent reduction in their risk factors after the 10-week intervention.

Naturally Slim® has been offered to employees of Genesis Health System since 2009.  Since 2009, 57% of the Genesis employees who were at risk for Metabolic Syndrome no longer had the condition because of healthy lifestyle techniques taught by the Naturally Slim® classes.

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