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Published on December 27, 2017

Charlotte, Isabella and Liam Top List Of Most Popular Genesis Baby Names

Charlotte, Isabella and Liam were the most popular names of babies born at Genesis BirthCenters in 2017.

There were 15 baby girls who went home from Genesis BirthCenters with the name Charlotte and 15 more with the name Isabella. Nationally, Amelia/Emilia topped the list of popular baby names for the second straight year, according to www.babynames.com. At Genesis BirthCenters, Amelia was No. 3 with 12 baby girls named Amelia.

Liam continued to be a popular name for baby boys nationally and at Genesis.  Seventeen baby boys went home from Genesis with the name Liam.  Nationally, Liam came in No. 5 for popularity.

The top five names for girls born at Genesis were Charlotte and Isabella (15 each); Amelia (12); Olivia (11); and, Harper and Emma (10 each).

The top five for boys born at Genesis were Liam (17); Elijah (13); Henry and Jackson (12) each; and, William and Oliver (11 each).

Olivia has become a traditional naming favorite at Genesis. In the past seven years, Olivia was most popular name three times (2015, 2014, 2012) at Genesis and No. 2 in 2013 and again last year before falling slightly this year.

The top five girl names nationally in 2016, according to www.babynames.com were Amelia (Emilia), Charlotte, Aria, Violet and Nora. For boys, the most popular names nationally were Oliver, Declan, Henry, Theodore and Liam.

A few babies born at Genesis in 2017 will have names they are unlikely to share with anyone in their school classes. Among the unique birth names at Genesis in 2017 were Aarantza (girl); Dajerminyah (girl); Spoorthi (girl); Tzipporah (girl); Karmoneyo (boy); Souleymane (boy), and Banjougou (boy).

Genesis BirthCenters have tracked popular birth names since 2006.

Most Popular Girls Baby Names In 2017
At Genesis BirthCenters

1. Tie, Charlotte and Isabella 15; 3. Amelia 12; 4. Olivia 11; 5. tie, Harper and Emma (10); 7. tie, Scarlett and Ava (9); 9. tie, Evelyn, Avery and Ella (7).

Most Popular Boys Baby Names In 2017
At Genesis BirthCenters

1. Liam (17) 2. Elijah (13); 3. Tie, Henry and Jackson (12); 5. Tie, Oliver and William (11); 7. Tie, Theodore and Owen (10); 9. Leo (9); 10. Tie, Hudson and Lucas (8).

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