Published on May 18, 2018

Sister of Genesis Nurse in Final Three of American Idol

On Sunday and Monday night, Maddie Poppe of Clarksville, Iowa will compete in the finale of American Idol.

Her entourage will include an emergency department nurse who works at Genesis Medical Center, Davenport.  Maddie has no special need for a nurse.  Her sister, Hannah, RN, will be there as a fan.

Hannah Poppe has been a nurse at Genesis for two years after graduating from Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids.  She is working on her BSN through Upper Iowa University.

“It’s awesome to see her perform on such a huge platform,’’ Hannah said of the ABC show. “It makes me happy to see people love her music as much as I do and to see her dream coming true.

“I would like to say I am surprised that she has made it this far, but I’ve always thought she was very talented and has the personality to appeal to a national audience.’’

Hannah and her sisters grew up in a Clarksville, Iowa home filled with music. Their father, Trent, played in a band when they were younger. He helped them learn different instruments, in addition to their singing.

“I sang all through college with Kirkwood choirs to pay for nursing school,’’ Hannah said. “We always had multiple musical instruments in our home, including guitar, ukulele, piano and drums.’’

The Poppe family would record their own Christmas recording to send to relatives and friends.

“Guitars were brought to almost every family gathering,’’ Hannah said. “We have so many family videos of my sisters and I singing, dancing and playing piano.’’

Earlier this week, the 20-year-old Maddie attracted a crowd of thousands to the Butler County Fairgrounds in Allison, Iowa for a huge homecoming concert. Hannah, who was at the homecoming event and has been in the audience for the last two live shows, has been working 12-hour shifts this week before heading Saturday to the two-night finale Sunday and Monday in Hollywood.

Maddie’s eclectic choice of music – from Sheryl Crow and the Beach Boys to Disney soundtracks – has attracted the attention of American Idol fans and the celebrity panel.

“I hope she wins. She has earned it. It will be tough.  The other two finalists deserve to win as well,’’ Hannah said.

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