Published on April 09, 2020

Genesis Medical Centers are still here, caring for our community.

During the COVID-19 outbreak, Genesis is still delivering babies at Genesis Medical Centers in Davenport and Silvis; still treating cancer patients on the Davenport and Silvis campuses; still performing emergency procedures for heart patients; still treating trauma patients at both hospitals; still helping rehabilitation patients return to their homes; still providing necessary radiology and lab services; and, still providing behavioral health inpatient care.

“At this moment, Genesis is not experiencing the significant impact of COVID-19 experienced by ‘hot spot’ areas of the country,’’ said Jordan Voigt, president of Genesis Medical Center, Davenport. “In fact, as the regional referral center, we are prepared to care for additional COVID-19 patients but are hopeful that does not occur.

“The public needs to know that we are equipped not only to care for people with COVID-19 but continue to care for urgent and emergent patients.

“Our outstanding employees and physician leadership have allowed us to be agile to meet the immediate needs of Quad-Cities patients.’’

Voigt and Theresa Main, president of Genesis Medical Center-Silvis, said the COVID-19 outbreak may be having an unexpected effect on non-COVID-19 patients.

“We are caring for significantly fewer patients in the hospital, not more, during the outbreak,’’ Main said. “By temporarily delaying elective surgeries to preserve resources to care for COVID-19 patients, we have experienced lower daily censuses.

”People with chronic conditions need to know that avoidance of needed care could ultimately be as much of a threat as the virus itself.

“It remains important to know when to seek assistance for your condition and where to seek assistance. We are not only focused on the care of COVID-19 patients. We are focused on all patients, just as we were prior to the outbreak.”

As we fight Coronavirus, Genesis hopes to also combat perceptions that everyone else must stay away from the hospital. The pandemic toll will be much worse if it leads people to avoid care for life-threatening, yet treatable, conditions including heart attacks, strokes, acute appendicitis and acute gall bladder disease.