Genesis Continues Oxygen Flow Despite Storm - Genesis Health System

Published on August 13, 2020

Genesis Continues Oxygen Flow Despite Storm


One of many disruptions resulting from the storm on Monday, Aug. 10 was a disruption for patients on oxygen who rely on electric service to operate their equipment.

One of the immediate issues addressed by Genesis Home Medical Equipment was ensuring 1,100 home health patients had continuing access to their oxygen needs.

“This storm had significant impact on our patients who need oxygen regularly, and need the source to be dependable,’’ said Glen Roebuck,’’ executive director of Genesis home health, outpatient and senior services. “We understood how the loss of power would impact the patients we care for in the community.

“With the loss of power for such an extended period of time, oxygen tanks meant to serve as emergency reserves were in very high demand and needed to be replaced much more frequently.’’

Genesis Home Medical Equipment staff mobilized quickly and contacted all Genesis oxygen-dependent patients on Monday following the storm and again Tuesday.

“Patients on oxygen must have it. Some were showing up in emergency departments, which creates overcrowding in those emergency departments,’’ Roebuck added. “To watch the Genesis Home Medical Equipment team spring into action on Tuesday morning was like experiencing a symphony.

"Their teamwork, focus on the customer, and rally for the community was inspiring.’’

On Tuesday, Genesis doubled oxygen supplies, reassigned team members for enhanced pickup and delivery services, and once again made contact with all at-risk customer to ensure they were safe and that their needs were met.  For those who absolutely required electric services due to their unique needs, Genesis team members partnered with patients to find solutions until electric service is restored in their homes.

Genesis Home Medical Equipment also fulfilled the needs of many customers of other providers who were unable to address needs following the storm. 

“The storms experienced in the Quad Cities on Monday have once again given our community the opportunity to display our strength and perseverance in the face of adversity,’’ Roebuck said. “At Genesis, we are proud of our team, and their 24/7 commitment to care for our community.’’

Genesis also proactively reached out to all home health and hospice customers. 

For more information on how Genesis can serve your home health needs please call 421-4663. For more information on home medical equipment and oxygen services, please call 421-3300.