Published on March 25, 2020

Genesis Medical Center, Davenport Expands Emergency Services During COVID-19 Outbreak

DAVENPORT, Iowa – March 25, 2020Genesis Health System, East Rusholme Street, has temporarily added a COVID-19 triage tent during the outbreak.

The 40-foot by 40-foot, temperature-controlled tent is adjacent to the emergency department. The tent will be available to screen patients displaying symptoms of COVID-19 illness or other viruses, including cough, fever and shortness of breath.

If indicated by symptoms, the patient will be referred from the triage tent to the emergency department for additional medical care. Other patients will have a medical exam, will possibly have samples taken for COVID-19 testing and if samples are taken, the patient will receive directions for self-isolation at home until test results are available.

Every patient treated at the tent will receive a medical examination, as they would during a visit to the emergency department.

“This is an extension of the emergency department but will be specifically for patients with mild to moderate virus symptoms,’’ said David Dierks, D.O., medical director of the emergency department. “Many of these patients will be able to return home safely and recover and may not require collection for a COVID-19 test.”

Dierks said the idea is to send patients home whenever possible and not spread any virus to possibly high-risk patients in the emergency department. Patients will be separated by recommended spacing in the tent.