Genesis Medical Centers Encourage Patients To Not Delay Treatment - Genesis Health System

Published on August 26, 2020

Genesis Medical Centers Encourage Patients To Not Delay Treatment

DAVENPORT, Iowa – Aug. 26, 2020 – Genesis Health System emergency departments are asking patients to not delay treatment.

"Because patients are waiting too long before they seek treatment in the emergency room, we are seeing a significantly higher number of patients admitted from the emergency department to the hospital. We are seeing people wait too long at home and they are coming into the emergency department very, very sick,” said Theresa Main, MSN, president of Genesis Medical Center, Silvis. “More patients are being hospitalized when they might be able to avoid hospitalization if they see a provider earlier in their illness. Our goal is to treat patients before they require a hospital stay and return them home.’’

Main said Genesis emergency departments and many emergency departments nationally experienced a similar issue early in the COVID-19 outbreak. The emergency departments treated lower numbers of patients, but a higher percentage of patients than usual required hospitalization.

“Genesis is providing care for a manageable number of COVID-19 patients. Patients with other conditions or injuries need not be concerned about transmission of the virus in Genesis emergency departments,’’ Main added. “Thorough precautions are in place for staff and patients to prevent COVID-19 exposure.”

Genesis Medical Center hospitals are treating COVID-19 patients, but services are available to all patients.

“Genesis is still replacing joints to help patients regain mobility; performing urgent and elective surgeries; delivering babies; treating cancer patients to help them become cancer survivors; and, healing rehabilitation patients after injuries and accidents,’’ Main said. “We hope that if patients are in doubt about their illness or injury, they will check it out before a hospital stay is needed.”