Published on April 20, 2021

ROSA Knee Assists Surgeon with Robotic Technology

ROSA® Knee Assists Surgeon With Robotic Technology

By Craig Cooper, Genesis Health System

The first total knee replacement Laura Byers had in 2019 required a four-night stay because of pain.

Byers, from Erie, Ill., went home in about 24 hours after recently receiving a new knee with the assistance of technology available at Genesis Medical Center-East Rusholme Street, Davenport.

Fellowship-trained total joint surgeon Ryan Pokorney, D.O., of ORA Orthopedics, gave Byers a new knee with assistance from the Zimmer Biomet ROSA® Knee System, which joins innovative robotic technology with knee replacement surgery. Byars was the first patient in the Quad Cities to have a knee replacement using the ROSA robotic system.

“This is much different already from my first knee replacement. Right away I can move and bend my knee and walk on it,’’ said Byers, who didn’t have her first knee replacement at Genesis. “When I was asked about being the first patient at Genesis, I was like ‘oh, yea.’

“I’m very happy I did this.’’

Surgeon Has Control

The ROSA Knee System is a robotic assistant for the surgeon. Throughout the procedure, the surgeon is in complete control, but is guided by the detailed information provided by ROSA. The information is available on a screen facing the surgeon.

With ROSA Knee, the planning screen gives Dr. Pokorney live feedback making the procedure precise and personalized based on the unique anatomy of the patient.

“The system gives me information so I can best align the knee implant to the patient to provide them with excellent knee motion.’’ Dr. Pokorney explained. “The goals are also a shorter hospital stay and a knee that feels natural.

“This is another important tool for surgeons and patients to consider as they consider the joint treatment plan.’’

The polished joint device is the same, regardless of whether the ROSA system is used or not used.

Walking With Less Pain

Ronald Sexton of Buffalo, Iowa was the second Genesis patient receiving a new knee with the assist of ROSA. He had the surgery on April 14 in the morning and went home in the evening.

The procedure lasted just longer than an hour.

“We have a good knee,’’ Dr. Pokorney said as he lifted and maneuvered Sexton’s leg to try out the new joint.

Sexton agrees.

“Oh man, so much better,’’ he reported just one day following surgery. “The pain was so bad before the surgery I could barely walk. Before I left the hospital I was walking the hall on the floor.’’

Sexton said he had no reluctance to have knee replacement with an assist from a robotic system.

“I thought it was cool. I hope others have the same experience I have had,’’ Sexton said.

Genesis Medical Center-Silvis will also have a ROSA system available.