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  • Genesis and MercyOne Announce Intent to Partner 9/14/2022

    Genesis Health System and MercyOne have signed a letter of intent (LOI) to develop a strategic partnership.

  • Home Runs for Life: Addy Hosette 8/9/2022

    Addy was born 12 weeks premature and, at age 3, was diagnosed with the spastic diplegia form of cerebral palsy (CP). Having CP caused her muscles to be stiff, making it harder for her to walk or run normally. The remarkable 10-year-old from Charlotte, Iowa, and her mother travel 45-minutes to Genesis GOPEDS in Bettendorf four days a week. Addy’s intense physical therapy sessions last 45 to 60 minutes, and then the pair drive another 45 minutes back home.

  • Home Runs for Life: Bryce Arquilla 8/9/2022

    Picking up a 7/10 split in bowling is one of the toughest shots in the game. The odds are stacked against you, just like they were stacked against Bryce Arquilla of Bettendorf before he was even born.

  • Ted Rogalski Takes on Dual Leadership Role 7/15/2022

    Ted Rogalski Promoted to Administrator, GMC-Aledo and GMC-DeWitt

  • Home Runs For Life: Casey Wages 7/11/2022

    The motivational message on the t-shirts Genesis Physical Therapy Staff and patients wear says “All It Takes Is All You’ve Got.’’

  • DAISY Award - August 2022 6/1/2022

    "I just love how he took care of me. I feel he saved my life when I was in tremendous pain and no pain medicine could help it...There is not better nurse than Paul."

  • DAISY Award - July 2022 6/1/2022

    "It meant so much to me when Julie would take the time to explain labs and updates from the doctors. And it meant even more when she would take the time to explain to my six-year-old daughter what to expect and to tell her how brave she was. Julie worked so well with everyone and is someone I will never forget."

  • DAISY Award - June 2022 6/1/2022

    "I had been in a medically induced coma in ICU due to persistent seizures. When I was transferred, she went out of her way to ensure I was progressing. She even helped me eat (even after her shift was over) and encouraged me to push myself. I had lost the ability to walk and stand. I couldn't feed or bathe myself. I had to relearn it all. She encouraged me and never gave up. She kept her word. She is a huge reason I fully recovered. She wouldn't let me stop fighting."

  • DAISY Award - May 2022 6/1/2022

    "I have gone through numerous medical situations in my 70 years but never encountered anyone like Emily."

  • DAISY Award - April 2022 5/1/2022

    "The care I received at the hospital from Rachel, who put up with my snarky Irish mouth and sense of humor and who gave me just as much grief and bantering in a positive upbeat and fun way, helped my healing process. The humor and one line come backs that we exchanged and shared during my stay made me feel right at home and comfortable. If it weren't for the excellent care I received during my hospital stay, my family would have been planning my funeral instead of planning my hospital discharge."

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