Published on November 13, 2015

Kids Nest, Bright Beginnings Programs Earn State Credentials

The Iowa Department of Management and Public Health is pleased to announce that the Kids Nest of Scott County has earned the Iowa Family Support Credential.  The Scott County Kids Nest program is the 70th Iowa program to earn this important distinction.

Also, the Bright Beginnings program of Scott County has been re-credentialed by earning the Iowa Family Support Credential.  The program is only the third in Iowa to be re-credentialed.

The Iowa Family Support Credential is awarded to family support and parent education programs that are validated through an external evaluation to be in substantial adherence to the Iowa Family Support Standards.

The Iowa Family Support Standards are based on the most up-to-date, evidence- based practice in the family support field.  Adherence to the standards indicates that the program is providing high quality services that will result in positive outcomes for young children and their families.

Bright Beginnings and the Scott County Kids Nest diligently worked toward meeting all of the 138 standards over the course of more than two years with the assistance of a program specialist.  A peer review was conducted by trained peers from central Iowa to validate the program’s adherence to the standards.  The Iowa Family Support Credential is valid for five years. 

The two programs will celebrate the accreditations on Tuesday, Nov. 17 at 10:30 a.m. at Genesis VNA and Hospice, 2894 AAA Court, Suite 202, Bettendorf.

For additional information concerning the Scott County Kids Nest program, Genesis VNA and Hospice, Scott County contact Tera Weets, Scott County Kids Nest, 563-421-5070 or send email to

About Bright Beginnings Home Visitation Program:

Genesis VNA Bright Beginnings  Home Visitation Program provides family support and education services to pregnant and parenting families with children through age 5 years residing in Scott, Clinton or Jackson counties.  Goals include helping families establish a relationship with a primary physician, encouraging immunizations for children, preventing abuse of children; and, helping families achieve self reliance.

About Scott County Kids Nest Group Education Program:

Genesis VNA Scott County Kids’ Nest Group Education Program provides family support and education services to pregnant and parenting families with children in first 13 months in Scott County.  Goals include increased numbers of healthy births by increasing the number of at-risk pregnant women who receive adequate care and services during pregnancy; increase confidence and competence in parenting abilities; and, increase healthy informal support systems of families.

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