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Charitable Contributions

It is our belief that the most important contribution we can make is to help improve the health of the Quad City region.

Within the scope of our charitable contributions program, qualifying non-profit and health-related organizations may apply for and receive financial support from us for specific programs and events that may have a positive impact on health issues facing Quad Citians.

Generally, an organization should only submit one sponsorship request per calendar year. Organizations seeking sponsorship for a specific event should contact Genesis staff or, preferably, fill out the Request for Community Funding form.

Guidelines, Limitations and Exclusions
Request for Community Funding form
Contact Information

If you would like to submit a request, please complete the form and submit to:

Genesis Health System
Corporate Communications and Marketing
1227 E. Rusholme Street
Davenport, Iowa 52803

Note: An employee's involvement in a non-profit organization does not guarantee endorsement of or financial support from Genesis, use of its company resources, or access to its employees to generate funds or support an event or cause.


All requests must be in writing, preferably on the Genesis Request for Community Funding application.
Required information must be provided.
Requests should be submitted by March 1, of each year.
Requests will be considered for funding in the forthcoming fiscal year beginning July 1.


Generally, corporate charitable contributions will not exceed $5,000.
Genesis does not continuously fund any organization or event.
Genesis generally does not make multi-year contributions.
Organizations may only submit one request per calendar year, which must address all types of support requested from Genesis for the calendar year:

  • Corporate contributions
  • Sponsorships
  • In-kind donations
  • Leader involvement as a fund-raising chair


Generally, Genesis will not provide sponsorship support for:

  • Annual fund support
  • Athletes or athletic events
  • Capital campaigns
  • Individuals
  • Fund-raising events if more than 20 percent of funds raised are directed toward administrative, operating or fund-raising expenses
  • Labor or fraternal groups
  • Political campaigns, candidates, parties or partisan activities
  • Programs outside of Iowa or Illinois
  • Sectarian, denominational or religious organizations for support of theological functions
  • Scholarships, fellowships or internships
  • Solicitations on health system properties
  • Travel expenses

Contact Information

Genesis Health System
Corporate Communications and Marketing
1227 E. Rusholme Street
Davenport, Iowa 52803

Kaitlin Clevenger
Senior Communication Specialist

Phone: 563-421-9267
Fax: 563-421-9279

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