Social Media Policy

We are excited to have you join us in conversation and engagement on our social media pages!

Genesis Health System views social media as a way of direct, convenient interaction with our patients and community, and we hope to have you as a follower on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube pages. But, we do have some guidelines regarding how you interact with us and with others on our pages. Please read below:

  1. Compliments and Criticisms: We welcome compliments, comments, and criticisms of the health system. This is an important part of an open dialogue with our community. If you have a criticism, please do so in a constructive, specific way so that we can try to help you with your issue. We take criticisms very seriously, and they are usually escalated to an executive level for review. The best thing to do is to directly message us so that we can keep in contact throughout the entirety of the review process. Repetitive, non-constructive, and/or derogatory postings could result in a ban.

  2. Private Health Information: Do not post any private health information (PHI) in a publicly viewable area, like our Facebook wall and comments section on posts, including but not limited to: Social Security Numbers, Patient Identification Numbers, private health concerns and conditions, and contact information. This information may be sent to us via private message, if necessary. We take privacy very seriously, and when you post this information, it is being shared with thousands of people. Doing so will result in an immediate deletion of your comment. Repetition of this could result in a ban.

  3. Health Questions: Our social media administrators are not doctors and cannot answer questions regarding your health. If you have a question regarding your health, talk to your doctor. If you need a doctor, message us, and one of our admins will get you started. IF YOU HAVE AN EMERGENCY, GO TO THE HOSPITAL OR DIAL 911. WE CANNOT HELP YOU IN AN EMERGENCY OVER THE INTERNET.

  4. Interaction With Others: We welcome public input, and we are well aware that not everyone agrees or gets along, including (especially!) on the internet. But, if you see something you disagree with, please either ignore it or write your own post that reflects your feelings. Respectful discussion with others is welcome. Insulting, crude, and mean dialogue on our page could result in a ban for the person who escalated an argument to an unacceptable level. There is a human being reviewing these posts, and we can tell who caused an argument pretty quickly.

  5. Demeanor: When you post on our pages, you deserve respect and professionalism from our staff and others. We require that you return this attitude. This means: no swearing, no sexually explicit content, and no personal or generalized attacks on any other group of people on basis of race, creed, sexual orientation, gender, nationality, age, or level of physical ability. This will absolutely not be tolerated and will result in a ban.

  6. Post Content: We ask that your posts remain on topic and relate to either Genesis or to the topic of an article shared by the system. Posts with violent, illegal, threatening, suicidal, or otherwise inappropriate content will be reported, deleted, and could result in a ban.

  7. Solicitations/Spam: All users attempting to sell merchandise and services or fundraise, that are unrelated to Genesis and not pre-authorized by Genesis Corporate Communications, will be banned and their comments will be deleted. If you are seeking funds or sponsorship, please message our page so we can direct you to the sponsorship manager.

Genesis reserves the right to remove any content found to be in violation of these rules, and ban any user at any time for breaking these rules. Though this is a long list, the vast majority of our users are highly appreciated, never have an issue with following any of these rules, and are able to participate in constructive, healthy discussion on our page.

Thanks for posting; we will see you online!

-The Genesis Social Media Team


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