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Understanding Health Care Prices

Read this informational guide to help you better understand health care pricing.

Navigating healthcare can be a complex process, especially when it comes to pricing. Genesis Health System is committed to providing pricing information to help patients and their families make informed healthcare decisions. We have developed a listing of average prices for services you could receive at our medical centers. Please note that the price of a service consists of multiple factors and can vary from one facility in a community to another. Prices are illustrated using average charges only, as some patients require more or different care during the same procedure.

The information being displayed is based upon charges only and not what you may pay. You will need to contact your insurer directly to determine the specific amount of coverage and payment allowed under your policy for the selected service.

Average Prices

It is important to note, that this information does not include physician services. Those services received by your primary care doctor or another physician while at the hospital will be separately charged by their office directly.


You will want to check if Genesis participates with your insurance, however this list is constantly changing, so we would encourage you to call your insurance company prior to receiving services for confirmation.

Have more questions?

Want to know what the estimated charges are going to be for the services received at the hospital? Call (563) 421-1997. Patients and Offices: Please be prepared to provide CPT/Procedure code or information about your anticipated procedure for an estimate to be provided.

Want to know what the benefit coverage is going to be? Insurance verification can provide information on coverage, benefits, and out-of-pocket estimates by calling (563) 421-2223.

You may also request a Price Estimate on a particular procedure.

Compare Charges

Average Charges for Iowa Hospitals - The Iowa Hospital Association collects inpatient and outpatient charge information from hospitals. If you would like to compare Genesis with other hospital charges, you can compare them at the Iowa Hospital Association website here.

Average Charges for Illinois Hospitals - The Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) collects inpatient and outpatient charge information from hospitals. Hospital-specific average charges for 28 inpatient and 20 outpatient major diagnosis are available on the Hospital Report Card and Consumer Guide to Health Care website. Median charge information is located under the Services tab.