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Published on December 27, 2016

Baby names at the Genesis BirthCenter

Emma, Jackson Top List Of Most Popular Genesis Baby Names

Emma and Jackson topped the list of the most popular names of babies born at Genesis BirthCenters in 2016.

There were 15 baby girls who went home from Genesis BirthCenters with the name Emma, which was No. 18 nationally in 2016, according to www.babynames.com. No. 1 nationally was Amelia. Twelve baby girls born at Genesis were named Amelia.

Jackson was No. 8 nationally in 2016 but was by far the most popular choice at Genesis. A total 23 boys birthed in Genesis BirthCenters were named Jackson, Jaxon or Jaxson. A surprise among popular boys names at Genesis in 2016 was Owen with 15 babies. Owen was No. 4 nationally, according to www.babynames.com.

Lucas, William, and Benjamin were also popular boys names at Genesis (12 each) and ranked in the top 18 nationally.

Top Girl Names at Genesis BirthCenter

The top 10 names for girls born at Genesis were

  • Emma (15)
  • Olivia (13)
  • Evelyn (12)
  • Amelia (12)
  • Isabella (11)
  • Elizabeth (10)
  • Charlotte (9)
  • Harper (8)
  • Sophia (8)
  • Addison (8)

Top Boy Names at Genesis BirthCenter

The top 10 names for boys born at Genesis were

  • Jackson (23)
  • Owen (15)
  • Benjamin (12)
  • Lucas (12)
  • William (12)
  • Oliver (11)
  • Grayson (10)
  • Ryker (9)
  • Aiden (8)
  • James (8)

Olivia has become a traditional naming favorite at Genesis. In the past six years Olivia was No. 1 three times (2015, 2014, 2012) at Genesis and No. 2 in 2013 and again this year.

Evelyn is down the list nationally, but has been near the top on the Genesis
list the past two years.

The top five girl names nationally in 2016, according to www.babynames.com were Amelia (Emilia), Charlotte, Olivia, Violet and Aria. For boys, the most popular names nationally were Oliver, Liam, Finn, Owen and Grayson.

The influence of the World Champion Chicago Cubs was not notable, although there was one Wrigley (a girl) and one Rizzo (a boy) born at Genesis in 2016. Wrigley Field is the home field of the Chicago Cubs and Anthony Rizzo is the popular first baseman of the Cubs.

A few babies born at Genesis in 2016 will have names they are unlikely to share with anyone in their schools. Among the less common names given to babies born at Genesis in 2016 were Zimyah Nishae (girl); Ya Zier (boy); Tymarjay (boy); Aboubacar (boy); Aboulhaleek (boy) and Dajerminiq (girl).

Genesis BirthCenters have tracked popular birth names since 2006.

More than 2,400 babies were born in 2016 at the Genesis BirthCenters in Davenport and Silvis.

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