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Published on February 25, 2020

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5 Reasons You Need a Family Doctor

For millions of Americans, a neglect of general health has paralleled the COVID-19 virus.  During the outbreak, it is important to maintain general health by taking medications, exercising safely and continuing to schedule visits with your primary care provider. The pain or condition you are putting off could be serious and could put you at higher risk for COVID-19. Some people are becoming seriously sick with symptoms of heart attack, stroke or cancer before seeking care. Please follow your general health routine, know your numbers -- blood pressure, cholesterol -- and call for an appointment with your primary care provider if you are sick. If you don't have a primary care provider, we encourage you to call (563) 421-DOCS to find one.

The first step to better health is having a family doctor.

Here are 5 reasons why:

  1. Your guide to better health: Establishing care with a primary care provider -- whether you choose an expert in Family Medicine, Pediatrics, or Internal Medicine -- is important for treating your acute and chronic health issues. This provider also helps to keep your family up-to-date on health screenings and vaccinations.
  2. The doctor who knows you best: Over time, your Genesis primary care provider gets to know you and your family’s medical history and lifestyle to determine possible health risks. Over time, you establish comfort and trust with your family’s doctor. This familiarity is beneficial when a health concern arises or there are changes in your health over the years.
  3. An ounce of prevention: Regular check-ups can help you and your family make healthy decisions and even prevent health issues before they happen. For example, if a lab test pinpoints at-risk blood sugar levels, your doctor can put you on a treatment plan to prevent Type 2 diabetes.
  4. Your link to specialty care:  Should you need a specialist, your provider can make a referral and then guide and coordinate your care. Because your doctor knows you, he or she can help you find a specialist who best fits your needs and preferences.
  5. Evidence supports:  Still need convincing?  A lot of research shows that people who have a primary care provider enjoy better overall health outcomes, fewer visits to the hospital and Emergency Room, and lower total costs of care.

Your Genesis primary care provider can be a physician, a nurse practitioner, or a physician’s assistant. Whomever you choose, count on the fact that your Genesis provider will work together with a care team focused on keeping you and your family as healthy as possible.

Don't have a family doctor? Call 421-DOCS and we will help find you a new provider and schedule your next appointment.