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Published on January 31, 2020

Veggie tray with bread shaped like football

Dominate the Game Day Nutrition Experience

Stacia Carroll, Genesis wellness coordinator, suggests your own healthy game day competition. No footballs or helmets are required.

The rules of the game:

  • Divide into two teams representing the teams in the actual game.
  • Each time one of the game actions mentioned below happens, the corresponding team will participate in the assigned exercise.
  • No challenging the calls, leave that to the referees. Video replay available by mobile device.

When there is a touchdown: Congratulations! Your team just scored a touchdown. After you high-five your teammates, do 10 jumping jacks together.

Field goal: It's all up to the kicker now. Show him how it’s done with ten seconds of high knees as he celebrates with teammates.

Penalty: Your team made a mistake, however your game-watching teammates are going to show the players how they can get back up! Do five burpees.

Interception: What a play! Your team just made an interception. Show the players how they can continue to push themselves by doing 10 push-ups.

Here are tips to enjoy yourself while staying awake and confident in your nutritional choices on Game Day!

  • Stay hydrated – It is important to pair any alcoholic beverage with a glass of water to stay hydrated. Water helps with satiety, regulates digestion and combats a sodium-heavy plate.
  • Use a plate – Using a plate will help you be more mindful about your portions.
  • Exercise prior to the game – You will possess a healthier mindset after having completed your workout prior to the party and will have a greater likelihood of making healthier food selections.
  • Supply a healthy alternative – You and the other guests will appreciate having options that help all stay on track with their health.
  • Healthy replacements – Replace salt with salt-free herbs and spices for fantastic flavor. Pair dips with celery, carrot sticks, or sliced bell pepper instead of chips. Salsa is a healthy alternative to heavy, creamy dips.

“Exercise has numerous health benefits but has little impact on weight loss. Good nutrition is most powerful in helping individuals lose weight. Think of it as being an 80% Nutrition/20% Exercise ratio and remember you can’t out-exercise poor nutrition.” Carroll said.

Good nutrition should be part of the game-day experience. Here is a recipe for Hearty Vegetable Tortellini Soup:

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