Joint Pain


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  • Sandy Paskvan: Joint Pain Free 8/2/2017

    Sandy Paskvan knew it was time for knee replacement surgery the day she ran an errand at Northpark Mall and could barely walk back to her car.

  • Sue Cooper: Joint Pain Free 7/14/2017

    One of the best decisions Sue Cooper ever made was having shoulder replacement surgery because it let her return to her life activities joint pain free.

  • Mayor Frank: Joint Pain Free 6/13/2017

    Davenport Mayor Frank Klipsch had long suffered from joint pain. But after more than four decades of wear and tear, his knees had deteriorated to the point it was time take his treatment to the next level.

  • Sylvia’s Journey 6/5/2017

    Sylvia did not realize that the quality of her life was severely compromised by pain. Today, she literally feels like a different person.

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