Mayor Frank: Joint Pain Free

Mayor Frank Klipsch

Over the years, former Davenport Mayor Frank Klipsch has developed a high tolerance for pain.

He coped with it for years and simply exercised his way through it. His familiarity with pain began in 1969 after suffering a traumatic knee injury as a college athlete. In the mid-70s as a YMCA coach, he injured his other knee when a youngster fell on his leg. As time went on, he continued his active lifestyle and career at the Y with the help of medical supervision and periodic procedures.

“ORA Orthopedics did everything they could to keep me active and prevent or delay the need for major surgery,” Klipsch says.

But after more than four decades of wear and tear, his knees had deteriorated to the point it was time take his treatment to the next level. “I was told by my ORA surgeon -- Dr. Joe Martin – that my knees were worse than ones he’d replaced.’ He told me ‘Let me know when you’re ready for joint replacement.’ I was still exercising every day, but the pain was really slowing me down. I was putting on weight. I had a very hard time sleeping.”

In 2012, Klipsch had two knee replacements at the Genesis Joint Pain Institute – the left knee in August and the right knee in October. “Together, Dr. Martin and physician assistant Mark Hichborn make a great team, and I had a very good experience at Genesis – from the pain management, to the attentive staff, to the rehabilitation.”

Becoming joint pain free transformed his lifestyle. He was able to sleep better and become more active again, which ultimately helped him lose 80 pounds.

Several years later, when his back began to bother him and his knees started acting up again, he didn’t wait as long to become joint pain free. He had a hip replacement in December 2016. “When our bodies aren’t moving effectively and in alignment, we start compensating and it leads to more problems,” he says. “Once I had my hip replaced, my back felt better…my knees felt better…and my hip felt phenomenally better.”

His wife, Teresa, has had two knee replacements and a hip replacement at Genesis, as well.

He has some advice for anyone considering joint replacement. “The ORA specialists are on the cutting-edge of surgery and will do everything in their power to put you back to where you were, but you have to have realistic expectations,” he says. “If you weren’t jumping on a trampoline before, then don’t expect to be able to do so after surgery,” he says.

Also understand that rehabilitation goes hand-in-hand with surgery. “You have to be committed to rehabilitation and get into a routine of doing what is best for your joints. If pain is keeping you up at night, or your daily life is severely hampered to the point you have a hard time going to the grocery store, getting out of a car…getting out of a chair, you definitely need to discuss this with your ORA specialist.”

Klipsch concludes: “I’m 67...I play golf and work out six days a week, and this helps me control my weight. Joint replacement surgery helped me eliminate pain, feel better, and get back to a normal life.”

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