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Sandy Paskvan: Joint Pain Free

Sandy Paskvan is now joint pain free after a knee replacement at the Genesis Orthopedic Hospital

Sandy Paskvan knew it was time for knee replacement surgery the day she ran an errand at Northpark Mall and could barely walk back to her car.

“My left knee hurt so much, I thought I was going to have to ask a stranger to help me to my car or give someone my keys to get my car from the parking lot. That was the final straw. I knew I had to do something.”

Shopping wasn’t the only thing that had become difficult. Growing up on a farm, she had learned to work hard, stay active, and always have a project in the works. So it was especially frustrating that many of her favorite activities – from taking daily walks to planting flowers in her garden to playing ping pong with her grandchild -- had become pain-filled endeavors. In addition to pain, she feared falling. She never knew when her knee would give out.

“I love to walk for exercise, and it just got to the point where I couldn’t go very far because it was hurting too much,” said Paskvan of Davenport. “My knee joint was bone rubbing against bone. I’d come home limping from my walk and have to take some Advil.”

Choosing Joint Replacement

Gardening on the backyard slope where she planted flowers also became nearly impossible. When she took her grandson to the museum, she had a hard time keeping up with him and was always looking for a place to sit. At the time, she also was the busy caregiver for her husband, Jerry, who is now deceased.

Finally, in November 2014, she decided to have a total knee replacement and never looked back. “I called Dr. Matthew Lindaman at ORA Orthopedics because he did joint replacements for a couple of my friends. They had a lot of success with him as their surgeon, and he did a great job for me, as well. I plan to go to him if and when my other knee needs replacing.”

She also had a great experience at Genesis, where she was cared for by orthopedic-certified nurses in the Quad Cities’ only dedicated orthopedic unit.

“I stayed two nights at Genesis. They kept my pain at a manageable level, and it almost felt like I was on vacation,” she said.

Today, Sandy Paskvan gets around a lot better with her knee. She enjoys going for walks. She was able to carry eight bags of mulch for her garden and has helped both of her children pack and move to new houses.

“If you’re a candidate for joint replacement surgery, don’t wait,” she concluded. “You’re only spending time in pain when you could be back to normal.”

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