Published on December 11, 2017

Pediatric Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy for Bedwetting

Pediatric Therapy to Help Prevent Bedwetting

By Kimberly Nielsen, DPT, PCS, C/NDT, Pediatric Physical Therapist

So what? Your child is wetting the bed and everyone keeps saying they will grow out of it. But will they? And when? Are there consequences for just waiting?

Treatment Can Be Necessary

Yes! Newest research suggests that getting treatment for bedwetting at the age of 6 is not only justified but mandatory. The impact is mostly psychological, but the functions of the bowel and bladder can also be compromised.

Know this: Your child is not alone, it is not their fault, and there is something we can do about it! Approximately 15 percent of girls and 22 percent of boys are affected by bedwetting over the age of 6. This equates to 5-7 million US children. The spontaneous cure rate is 15 percent, so many children don’t just grow out of it.

So what can you do to help your child?

The Most Conservative Treatment Is Physical Therapy

Bedwetting is not an illness! The majority of children who suffer from it also suffer from pelvic floor dysfunction and have difficulty eliminating.

You may be wondering what the pelvic floor is. It is part of your core that is made up of muscles that form a sling to help support the abdominal and pelvic organs. When these are weak, in spasm, tight, or uncoordinated, it can lead to pelvic floor dysfunction.

With physical therapy we can focus on these muscles and provide appropriate exercises to help improve your child’s bedwetting. We usually focus on:

  • Behavior modification
  • Dry morning program
  • Bladder retraining
  • Soft tissue work
  • Diet modifications
  • Coordination of pelvic floor muscles via Biofeedback

We teach regular bowel and bladder habits with emphasis on a complete emptying of the bladder to restore bladder homeostasis while reducing the risk of urinary tract infections and kidney infections/scarring.

Take Back Control

So let’s work together to help your child take back control of their bowel and bladder! The benefits include increased bladder capacity, increased bladder contractility, increased bladder sensation, and decrease in urinary reflux. Cure rate is 92 percent with compliance to the program.

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