Published on August 09, 2018

Crosstown Square Resident is Best Promoter of New Renovations

Arlynn Sallows

There is one question always asked at Crosstown Square, the Genesis independent living facility on the Genesis Medical Center, Silvis campus.

”Why didn’t we come here sooner?”

Julie VanWinkle, care transition supervisor, has thought about this question frequently during the $450,000 makeover of Crosstown Square.

“We’re the best-kept secret in the Quad Cities,’’ VanWinkle says. “Just like anyone’s home, sometimes it is time to freshen the look. For those seeking to downsize or explore other living arrangements, we now have an affordable and contemporary community to enjoy at Crosstown Square.

“We completed a makeover from top to bottom.’’

Many of the benefits of living at Crosstown Square remain the same:

The look is vastly different.

Arlynn Sallows, who goes by Lynn because people wanted to call her Arlene, is the unofficial 97-year-old booking manager of Crosstown Square. She has been living in her tidy studio apartment for 11 years.

“It’s great here. I tell everyone that when they come to look. They bring them to see my apartment, and I tell them they can look around, but they won’t find anyplace better,’’ Sallows says. “At some places, everything is a ride away…lab tests, doctor’s office, radiology, blood draws, hospital if you need it.

“Here it is all connected. They come right here and take blood draws. The pharmacy brings my medications and knocks on my door. My doctor’s office is a short indoor walk away. If I need the hospital, it is connected.

“Everything you need is right here. I have had people tell me they have looked around but then they end up coming here because it is the best they have seen.’’

Floor-to-Ceiling Renovation

Sallows and her late husband lived in Port Byron. She has helped attract other Crosstown Square residents from Port Byron.

“It has always been a wonderful place to live. I don’t think you can find anything better. Now there have been a lot of changes and they are all for the better,’’ Lynn Sallows said.

Every area of Crosstown Square Independent Living has been touched in a positive way by the renovation.

“Floor to ceiling,’’ VanWinkle said. “Nearly every square foot of the apartment community is updated … walls, flooring, paint, ceilings, entries, landscaping and reconfigured apartments.’’

Reconfigured and Larger Apartments

One of the major changes was opening up spaces to make accommodations larger. At one time Crosstown Square had 87 apartments. There are now 56 in the same space, and they are larger. Two of the apartments are two bedroom, 2 1/2 bath apartments constructed from three studio apartments.

“Everything looks remarkably different,’’ VanWinkle said.

One of the new features is Cascades Salon. Manicures, pedicures and massages are all available.

“We anticipated what Baby Boomers want today and what they are going to want tomorrow,’’ VanWinkle said.

Lynn Sallows remains active at Crosstown Square Independent Living in programs and exercise.

Another benefit of Crosstown Square’s location is its place on a comprehensive health campus, designed to meet all health care needs. Transitioning from independent living to assisted living is seamless and easy. As residents of Crosstown Square require assisted living, Illini Restorative Care and its services, including short-term rehabilitation and sheltered care, are a short distance away.

“We look forward to people coming to see the NEW Crosstown Square Apartments,’’ VanWinkle said.

The renovated Crosstown Square will be open to the public at a ribbon cutting on Sept. 6 and during an open house on Sept. 8.

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