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Published on February 06, 2017

February Fitness Checklist to a Healthier You

By Jose Armendariz, MD, Sports Medicine Specialist

February Fitness Checklist to a Healthier You

As a new Genesis Sports Medicine Specialist, I not only treat chronic and acute musculoskeletal injuries, but I also recommend plans to help get patients back on track to improving their overall health.

I commonly discuss with patients the importance of nutrition, exercise (core/cardio/weight training), as well as sleep and stress. Sometimes patients are unaware about the fact that conditions for which they are being treated could be improved--and in certain cases reversed or prevented--with a proper diet and exercise.

Some Recommendations

Nutrition: When it comes to nutrition, think of it as your body’s fuel. Although you may have diet restrictions, as a rule, simply keep it wholesome: meats (anything that runs/flies/swims); dairy (milk/eggs/yogurts); and fruits, nuts, and vegetables. This basically limits the consumption of processed foods.

Exercise: This can be intimidating and confusing because there are so many options that involve memberships, gym equipment, digital trackers, and personal trainers. However, you do not need to spend a lot of money in order to be able to exercise.

After you establish a fitness goal, incorporate exercises specific to: Cardio-heart/lung health; Core-spine health, and; Resistance-for strength. A great place to start is 30 minutes every day or every other day of activity that is intense enough to notice your heart and lungs working.

Sleep and Stress: It is also very important to rest properly (sleep is when our body repairs and rebuilds and memories are stored), as well as to maintain a well-controlled level of stress.

February Fitness Checklist:

  1. Set a goal for fitness (overall health, marathon, vacation hiking, etc.).
  2. Set the cardio, core, and weight exercises you will need.
  3. Evaluate your nutrition plan (moderation is key).
  4. Commit to your health (involve a relative/friend).

This Valentine’s Day consider a permanent lifestyle change that will improve you and your loved one’s health.

If you have any Sports Medicine concerns and would like to set up a visit prior to beginning an exercise program, contact my office at (563) 421-5700 at the Genesis HealthPlex, Bettendorf or your health care provider for evaluation. Be your health champion!

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